#OOTW - Sport

Build the ultimate workout outfit, no sweat

By Eckart Mostert and Nick Gordon

If you're serious about your workout then you'll upgrade your gear from the stretched out tracksuit pants you sometimes sleep in and the free T-shirt you got at your last corporate team-building day. Workout gear has come a long way since the first Rocky movie and with fashion movements like sportluxe and athleisure you can even wear it on your rest days. 

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This is the best way to carry your sweaty clothes around. The duffel is constructed from a very thin durable fabric that will dry quickly and keep its contents dry, too. The extra long handles allow you to put it on your back if needed.


A headset designed for active lifestyles. The wireless interface means that you no longer need to worry getting tangled up while doing your leg press. Otherwise it's sweat-proof, water-resistant and comes with an armband that holds your device. 


The rubber strap is very comfortable and will not hurt your wrist when doing your bicep curls. The plastic case keeps the weight down so that you can focus on the weight your lifting. It also looks very serious with it being a chronograph.


You workout so that you can be healthier and not get sick. Having a wet head after you've put in your hour at the gym might make you sick. Cover up with a beanie and you'll feel as good as you look.


When you gym you sweat and when you jump into the shower afterwards you are even more wet. This towel will come in handy for either activity. Whether you use it to flick your bros in the changing rooms afterwards is up to you. 


Highly maneuverable, keeps you cool and shows off those muscles you've worked so hard to sculpt. Slip into this after you've worked arms and show off how pumped your cephalic vein, the one running along the forearm and the biceps, is. 


This 100% cotton T-Shirt is the perfect top to wear when exercising. It's inexpensive and the dark color helps to disguise the sweat patches. If you're looking to bulk up, buy it in a size up and see how long it takes you to fill it. If you're looking to lose your gut, buy it in a size down and see how long it takes you to stop spilling out of it.  


These were made for the guy who works long hours and is forced to jog at dusk or dawn. These will keep you warm and have useful zip pocket that will keep your keys secure when you fartlek. 


Flexible and constructed to go where you do. Because there's nothing worse, or more embarrassing, than having to cut a workout short because you've split your pants. 


Mom was right, always have a clean pair of underwear. If you can match yours to the colour of your shorts it makes it that much less obvious when you're doing your downwards facing dog.


If there's one area where gym equipment has really come into it's own it's the footwear department. These are light, airy, slim fitting and will motivate you to push yourself to the limit.