My Want List

Why would Darren Williams want two turtle doves if he could have all this instead?

What do you get for the man who has it all? Seriously, look at that hair again. Wow! Did you fit a turbo to your hairdryer, D? Maybe he's born with it? Maybe it's gasoline! Obviously we kid, tall trees catch the most wind after all, and Dreamboat Darren stands 6-foot-something even without his Chelsea Boots on. It's not all genetics though, a big part of why Darren always looks so dreamy is because he's so well put together. D's the type of dude who, when his gran presents him with a garish Christmas jersey, holding it up with the same arthritic fingers she used to knit it with, will be all, "Sorry Bubby, but you kidding, right? I specifically told you that I'd made a wish list on my Superbalist page so that you could get me something that I actually wanted this year. I love you, but I'm not wearing that."

So what would Darren like to see under the tree, and more importantly, actually wear, if you decided to get him something for xmas? This...


This travel bag is a great investment piece, the quality of the workmanship is unplayable and because it's leather it will only get better the older it gets.


The shape of the past, present and even future seasons, a more considered look from our friends over at Simon and Mary in 100% wool and a timeless tan colour.


You've got to love finding a three pack of socks under the tree. Slops not included.


These could serve as motivation to get in to the gym, but if that fails then they'll definitely get me through those long transit times when travelling.


A spicy pair of swim shorts at a radical price. R199? Bring!


Buying sneakers is one of the easiest gifts to get right, all you need is your mans shoe size. Vans' Sk8 Hi - Premium Leather are an all time classic. 


The fit and quality of the Someday tees are unreal. Buy one and you'll know what I'm talking about. Better yet, put it on your Xmas list. 


Upgrade your banana hammock with these G-Star trunks. Whether you advertise the brand by having them peek out of your jeans is up to you. 


What can I say, I've been a good boy! Well maybe not, but I definitely deserve another great investment piece. How's that bonus looking? If you need any more convincing I'd just like to add that the quality on this piece is too good with the Swiss getting involved on the movement. So there you go.