#OOTW - A day at the beach

Wave hello to this versatile beach outfit

By Eckart Mostert and Nick Gordon

Sure you're probably going to spend most of your time nearly-naked, but that doesn't mean that you should simply slip on your swim shorts. And despite what we've said in the past about flip-flops and boardshorts, this uniform definitely makes sense in some situations, such as a day on the beach. Create a foolproof outfit and you can transition to the beachside bar or restaurant with ease. Dive in, the water's lovely.  


This dip dye button down short-sleeve shirt is the perfect piece to get you a spot at the seaside restaurant of your choosing. Just remember your shoes and you're golden. 


Swim shorts. Made to swim in. You are going to the beach after all. Side pockets and mesh lining make these a winner. 


This Henley will elevate you from the rest of the crew in their crew necks. It is nice to open up the neck when you’re getting hot and it also works well as a bottom layer. The stripes are cool too.


Sandals are a controversial shoe choice, especially from a woman's perspective. Still, you don't want to be schlepping shoes at the beach. Leather sandals can’t get wet, sliders are impossible to walk in the sand with and so I have chosen these red Havaianas. Al least no one will notice when my feet are burnt.


Generally caps are made to keep the sun off your face or your neck (backwards!) if you're the type who likes to play touch on crowded beaches where people tend to lounge around and be peaceful. Anyway, this one is particularly nice because half of the cap is made of mesh and therefore will be more breathable. 


The perfect wingman for checking out babes with. These stylish tortoise shell shades have reflectors shades that will protect you from glare and those who think that you might be glaring at them. Just make sure you're holding your book the right way up.