#OOTW - Sexy Groovy Love

The ultimate outfit for Johannesburg's newest festival

By Eckart Mostert and Nick Gordon

The second Sexy Groovy Love festival is happening in Johannesburg this weekend, and because it's falling on Halloween there's a bit of a Hippie Halloween theme. Don't worry if you can't put together an outfit at such short notice, although all it would require is some John Lennon sunglasses and tie-dye, because the Bergsig Trout Farm's lush greenery and beautiful weeping willows will be decorated in the style typical with SGL. Acts we're amping on are Kellerkind from Switzerland, Pop Art's live performance and the unofficial mayor of Jozi, Phat Jack. Dudes not amped on playing dress up - here's your festival get up.


It's always nice to have more pockets than you actually need. Cellphone, wallet, keys, party tricks... With these you are sorted, and because they're not a heavy fabric like a normal cargo short you can dance all day without being weighed down. 


This short-sleeve shirt is perfect to cover up that vest you put on to impress all of the betties with. Can you smell that? GUN POWDER! Anyway this extra layer will help you to look that much more put together and stylish with its button up collar, while still laid-back enough to fit in with the rest of the festival crowd.


Because it's a festival after all, and you have not skipped a gym day for the last month, obviously when the sun's out you must get your guns out. Just remember, there are vests and there are vests and this one is very much a cut above. The horizontal stripes will make your chest look even broader and who doesn't want that?

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As soon as the sun goes down and everyone starts to comment on how red you are you'll start to shiver. A lightweight windbreaker will keep out the wind chill and even protect your top half from summer showers. The clincher? The bright colour will help your friends to identify you if you happen to pass out somewhere. 


You cannot stomp in flip-flops. A classic sneaker is standard festival fare. These are comfortable, which is hugely important, and have a worn-in dirty look that will keep you from being too precious about where you jol and also save you from having to clean them afterwards. 


In the same way that you should have a cheap Nokia backup phone for festivals instead of your iPhone 6, you should never take your favourite sunglasses, either. You will inevitably lose them. These are inexpensive but look like you're balling. And the tinted lenses allow you to check out all the Betties without looking like a creep and will also hide your true rave-face. 

5 Panel

If you're going to be spending the day outside then you need to protect yourself from the elements. The 5 panel is more comfortable than the more structured snapbacks and flat brims and is the best style of headwear in which to dance to Okmalumkoolkat's taxi driver. 


Don’t know how to explain the relevance here other than saying that it will keep your pants up. 


Unless you want to carry your towel, hot-mix, Styvie Blues, sunscreen, jacket and everything else that you need in your hands, a backpack will do all of this for you so that you can free up your hands to do things like wave them in the air like you just do not care.