How To: Party On The Go

Jol six ways from Sunday with these essential party tricks

Words: Zia Haffejee | Illustrations: Sabrina Scott

Winter’s on its last legs and summer is around the corner. It’s time to pack away the heavy coats, crawl out of our caves and back into the social scene, y’all! Celebrate the abundance of festivals and outdoor parties that colour the warmer months of our beautiful land; leave the smoky clubs and bars with the chill and take your jol outside to make the most of the sunshine. Superbalist has just the stuff you need to fill up your backpack so you’re equipped to have the best outdoor festivities ever.

The Instax camera

Yes, you’re probably going to take a thousand blurry dancefloor photos of hard-jamming randoms with your phone until your battery dies (don’t worry, we’ve got portable chargers, too), but are these the pics to replenish your fond memories in the years to come? Didn’t think so. Capture a moment and solidify it then and there with our wicked range of Instax cameras. Catch the snaps that really matter and cherish them in tangible, physical form, forever (NB: use with caution – this may backfire and become permanently incriminating evidence if the squad is too turnt).

The selfie-stick


Let’s call a spade a spade: nobody looks cool using a selfie-stick. For now. They’re steadily becoming more socially acceptable and they do facilitate some great damn photos. Get into the trend ASAP so when your shade-throwing friends finally buy their own, you’ll be all like ‘yo why you guys jacking my steez?’

The power charger

I was hesitant to include a charger in this list because I’m a firm believer that taking yourself off the grid at an outdoor party should entail ditching the technology. But then again, I know how some of you folks can’t boil an egg without regurgitating it on the ‘gram, so this one’s for you. Charge your essential gadgets on the move with our deliciously efficient power chargers, so you can Whatsapp call and harass your friends whenever you like, just like normal.

Portable speaker

Blasting tunes off your crackling phone speaker is some basic ish: get the gang going with a real speaker and turn up in style! Whether you’re doing your own thing with the team and picnicking in the wilderness, or just trying to create some vibes at your festival campsite, we’ve got the sound-blasting gizmos you need.


I think every outdoor party and festival out there insists on decanting liquor out of glass bottles, meaning that you and the squad are going to have to be on that 2 litre Coke bottle game, but lezbehonest, nobody is flexing with those. Without a hipflask, what is a partygoer, really? A Jedi without a lightsabre? Thor without his hammer? Meek without Nicki (zing!)? Consider the humble hipflask absolutely vital. Period.

Boardgames (101 Drinking Games, Dominoes, True or False, Drunken Tower)

Whip out one of these bad boys during the pre-match with the homies and you’ll be hailed as a regular superhero. It’s not all about throwing down on the sandy, make-shift d-floor; a great outdoor party is about having a killer time with your friends that you couldn’t have anywhere else. Anyone who’s been to a weekend festival will vouch for the value of solid campsite vibes. These games are a full-proof way of building that up.