Easy Rider

Behind the scenes of our festival campaign shoot

Words: Max Dylan Lazarus | Campaign Photographer: Francois Visser | BTS Photographer: Robin Taylor

We set off before sunrise; phones charged, snacks packed, playlists pre-selected. We have plenty of time to while away before meeting up with the others at the highway petrol station for coffees and convoy driving – no hurry, no hassle, nothing but excitement for the day ahead. We might not be heading to an actual festival but with a full car and good company, we’re going to let our hair down, roll down the windows, pump up the volume, and hit the road with smiles on our faces.

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We run this like a dress rehearsal for the real thing. Not to play on the cliché too much, but how you plan your journey very much dictates how everything plays out at the destination. We get lost in Citrusdal looking for Francois Visser, the photographer, and fashion director Tammy Tinker – desperate for the toilet, we take a dirt road where everyone finds a bush, models and Superb team alike. We’re still laughing about it when we find the rest of the gang with their Jeeps.

The one car is full to the brim with brand new, brand-name, boho-inspired, festival must-haves, all fringed, patterned, and multi-textured, in paisleys, knits and suede. We could go to Daisies, Oppi and Splashy, fly over to Coachella, come back, and have different get-ups for every act. In Citrusdal, the team wanders through the flowers, delicately walking in file, shadowing each others’ steps like Peter Pan’s Lost Boys (without the little raccoon-hide outfits). From there we move onto the Wolfkop Weekender camping ground, home to Cape Town’s little-known hidden gem of a festival. We have a little razzle, napping on the grass, chilling in the caravans, dancing in the sunlight by the river.

Final location, we head to West Coast National Park, and its famous September blossoms. Farm stall, smoke breaks, sarmies, pies and juice. By this stage in the trip everyone’s now life-long friends. We stop the cars to point out every tortoise, ostrich and distant buck, and finish the day lounging on the sand by the lagoon. It doesn’t look exactly like a festival, for sure, but we’re on a road trip, and like any good road trip, no matter what for, you let that spontaneity take over and you play it by ear. By the end of the long day, all that’s left is a pile of sleeping heads resting on shoulders in the back seat, along with dead phones, empty snack packets and exhausted playlists. The test drive’s done – can’t wait to do it for real now!