#LetsGoTokyo x Miss Lucky Pony

Blogger, restuaranteer and Desmond and the Tutus WAG on the sounds of Tokyo

Words and photos: Angie Durrant

Sweet sweet Japan, when I think of this one of kind city that I absolutely fell in love with when I went, my heart breaks a little because I know that no matter how hard I wish that some crazy crackpot scientist would invent a supersonic transportation device, it's never ever going to be a short plane ride away from Illovo. Anyone that knows me knows that I absolutely hate flying, it scares me half to death, but I would do the 21 hour flight all over again just to be able to walk the neon lit streets of Tokyo.

The reason I got to go to Tokyo in the first place was because Desmond and The Tutus were touring Japan for the second time and I was going along for the ride. The music scene in Japan is really like nothing I have ever seen before. Japanese people are probably some of the most polite and courteous people you will ever meet and that behaviour extends onto the dance floor too. Whilst Desmond would sing everyone would dance and clap along and then as soon as they finished the crowd would applaud and then... dead silence. I kid you not. At first I was a bit taken aback, but then I realised that it's completely normal and they are being quiet so that the band can continue singing without interruption. I think if these guys had to be dropped in the middle of Oppi they would be beyond confused.

We went to two very cool music venues in Tokyo, one was called The Liquid Lounge and the other was Marz, where Desmond got to play. If you're lucky to find yourself in the arms of Tokyo check these two places out. We also got to experience one of Japan's favourite pastimes, karaoke. You think you've sung karaoke until you find yourself in a small room overlooking a busy street drinking beer, or as the locals say 'Bīru' while you belt out Billy Ocean's "Get Outta My Dreams Get Into My Car" at the tops of your lungs while disco lights flash on and off and you realise that all that is missing from the best night of your life is Scarlett Johansson in a pink wing. So in other words do yourself a favour and go sing karaoke, you'll find a bar on pretty much every corner so you won't have an excuse not to.

A couple of other places that I think you can't miss if you go is Slappy Cakes (if you like pancakes go, trust me), Tokyu Hands which is an amazing department store that has an entire floor dedicated to stationary - eeeeek. Robot Restaurant in Shinjuku, yes there are lots of, you guessed it, robots and lights and awesomeness. Make sure you check out Harajuku and all the crazy amazing fashion that goes on there, it'll make your day.

I have so many places to recommend but sadly my word count has been reached, but before I go here are some Japanese Instagrammers that I think you should follow that take really cool and interesting photos