The Cool Kid's #FollowFriday

Bored by your feed? Musa Nyangiwe shares his must-follow accounts

As “The Cool Kid” Musa Nyangiwe manages his blog and social media with the air of a seasoned veteran. The 17-year old has shot personal style edits with top brands and collaborated with established bloggers – all while keeping at his high school schedule and getting involved in CT-based projects. He recently pulled into Superbalist HQ for a stint of work-shadowing and while we hope he's learned a thing or two from us, we've definitely been inspired by his presence and have been taking plenty of style notes from The Cool Kid. Here's a list of the guys that he's keeping tabs on. 

Luka Sabbat

Handle: lukasabbat

Followers: 111k

Luka Sabbat is a 17-year-old fashion model and stylist. His account offers a unique view into the world of fashion as he travels the globe modelling for brands like Public School, Tom Ford and Supreme NY.

Virgil Abloh

Handle: virgilabloh

Followers: 355k

Virgil is not only a fulltime DJ but also the Creative Director of his own label OFF-WHITE. He is a serious globe-trotter and is constantly flexing his creative muscles. Oh, I should also mention he is one of Kanye West’s best friends

Ian Connor

Handle: ianconnorsrevenge

Followers: 265k

This guy is literally the face of reckless youth. He smokes whilst walking the runway and never has a smile on his face. He has his own views on street style/high fashion and can be credited with starting the whole blonde dreadlocks trend doing the rounds literally ALL OVER THE WORLD.  

Street Etiquette

Handle: streetetiquette

Followers: 194k

This account is gold when it comes to photo-editing and curating. It is dedicated to African American street style and the combination of youth culture, old and new, with contemporary fashion trends.

Ndjo Hunter

Handle: ndjohunter

Followers: 3.9k

This is my favorite account because of the thought that goes into every post. From the styling, location, and the models used, everything is carefully considered. The colour palette is crazy and simple at the same time. Each post adds value to the general aesthetic of the account, which always makes for a visually-pleasing experience.