Spring Fever

Get to the know the models from our shoot

Favourite teen movie? Romeo & Juliet.

First road trip of the spring/summer? Let’s head to the east coast – home of Algoa FM (the best!!) then drive to the West. It’ll be like Crossroads in SA.

Favourite spring smell? Denim.

Soundtrack to summer? Hyundai Top 40 on 5FM.

Three words that define the season? Headstand. Did-you-snap-that? Stunning.

Three spring/summer essentials? Instagram. Gin & Tonic.

Your top fashion tip? Always match your shirt to your pants. The more things change, the more they double denim.

Favourite teen movie? The Kings of Summer – it reminded me of a Wes Anderson film but has its own distinct style. It’s amazing.

First road trip of the spring/summer? Prince Albert in the Karoo. 

Favourite spring smell? Miss Dior.

Soundtrack to summer? ‘Champagne Coast’ – Blood Orange. It’ll always be my favourite.

Three words that define the season? Wine, late nights, friends.

Three spring/summer essentials? A guitar, my Instax, a sketchbook. 

Your top fashion tip? Find some great dungarees or denim shorts and you’re good to go.

Favourite teen movie? 13 going on 30.

First road trip of the spring/summer? Europe. It’s winter and a little far but hey.

Favourite spring smell? Any Issey Miyake fragrance. 

Soundtrack to summer? Fetty Wap – Again.

Three words that define the season? Blooming flowers, fun times. Oops that’s four.

Three spring/summer essentials? Music, shorts, sunglasses.

Your top fashion tip? The co-ord is your new best friend.  

Favourite teen movie? I’m not really into movies.

First road trip of the spring/summer? To London. To winter. I’m moving there in a month.

Favourite spring smell? Flowers.

Soundtrack to summer? Tame Impala’s new album, Currents.

Three words that define the season? Follow me, @juliacampbellgillies

Three spring/summer essentials? Superbalist, Germans, sunscreen.

Your top fashion tip? Classic mom style for the win!

 Favourite teen movie? Mean Girls for sure.

First road trip of the spring/summer? My friends and I are road tripping to Springbok. We’re gonna cause some trouble along the way.

Favourite spring smell? Double vodka Red Bull.

Soundtrack to summer? Rihanna – ‘Bitch Better Have My Money’.

Three words that define the season? Take. Off. Clothes.

Three spring/summer essentials? Colour, tapered pants, adidas.

Your top fashion tip? Be yourself and kill it.

Favourite teen movie? 10 Things I Hate About You.

First road trip of the spring/summer? Up the west coast.

Favourite spring smell? Jasmine.

Soundtrack to summer? Definitely the new Tame Impala album.

Three words that define the season? Hay fever. Fresh. Blossom.

Three spring/summer essentials? Antihistamines. Sunglasses. Beach.

Your top fashion tip? Don’t try too hard, keep it light and breezy.

Favourite teen movie? Camp Rock.

First road trip of the spring/summer? Anywhere with a large body of water.

Favourite spring smell? The ocean.

Soundtrack to summer? Anything by Orca or Parabass.

Three words that define the season? Weed, friends, alcohol.

Three spring/summer essentials? Music, longboard, board shorts.

Your top fashion tip? Shorts and a tank top always win.

Favourite teen movie? Swimfan.

First road trip of the spring/summer? To California – I’m from New York.

Favourite spring smell? The ocean breeze.

Soundtrack to summer? ‘I Can’t Feel My Face’ – The Weeknd.

Three words that define the season? Sun, bronzed skin, music.

Three spring/summer essentials? Sunscreen, a turban, bronzer.

Your top fashion tip? Know your body shape and wear the right silhouettes for you. It definitely ups your confidence.