Jana Babez #FollowFriday

The performance artist picks the pics to peep this week

With her distinctive style, Jana Babez gets noticed, and that’s part of why we’ll be profiling her in next week’s My Aesthetic piece. Another reason is that apart from personifying the internet age, she understands it. An art mag, Kim K, a photographer, a pop star and a playmate feature on this performance artist’s list of Instagram account to follow – check back on Wednesday to see the shoot and read what she’s got to say.

K Rizz

Handle: slayrizz

Followers: 9.4k

“Because dayum girl, she has style,” says Jana. True. And the 22-year-old Filipina star has a whole lot more than that, so you should also check out her Soundcloud if vibey, hip hop-infused pop is your thing.


Ané Strydom

Handle: ane_strydom

Followers: 7.8k

“Because she is my BFF,” says Babez of why she follows photographer Ané Strydom, “and she takes the prettiest damn photos in the whole land.” Sure, Babez may be a little biased, but we can vouch for Ané’s skills – and we’d suggest you check them out.

Chloe Kahn

Handle: chloe.kahn

Followers: 404k

“Because she’s the person I want to be in my next life.” Between the platinum blonde locks and the penchant for fashion that’s tight, glossy and frequently fluffy, Babez is well on her way.



Handle: dismagazine

Followers: 89k

“For the love of the arts,” says Jana, a Michaelis graduate who’s selected an account displaying work almost as varied as her own projects.

Kim Kardashian

Handle: kimkardashian

Followers: 45.1m

“Because don’t fight the future,” says Babez. Sure, following Kim on Instagram isn’t all that original – she’s the most-followed woman on the social media platform – but Babez is pretty serious fan, with Selfish on her window sill. “It was a present from Nash,” she says. “We’re going to get matching tattoos that say ‘WWKD?’ (What Would Kim Do?'.”

We’d like to think that she’d check back on Wednesday to read our profile on Jana Babez, where she talks celebrities, gender politics, knowledge in the social media age, Dolly Parton, and why today’s teens are shaping up to be the nicest ever.