The Mixtape Vol. 18

Big Space shares his Night Sweats with us

Montle Moorosi is the best guy to do a Monday Mixtape because, like he says: “I’m unemployed. Monday, Saturday it's all the same to me.” He’s also one of the most under-appreciated producers in South Africa right now. Hailing from Lesotho, Big Space creates anti-gravitational house, layering whatever he wants for as long as he wants, which is usually a strange, deep, techno, tribal, African house groove that prides itself in originality. And because he’s so underappreciated you probably won’t be reading an interview with him in the Mixmag anytime soon, which is why we decided to throw him a bone, feature his new mixtape and provide him a platform to rant.

Please would you tell us a bit about yourself, Deep Space, Night Sweats and Wet Dream Recordings. 

My name is Montle Moorosi, but when I'm following my childish dreams making music I go by the name of Big Space. I know house producers are supposed to use their birth names after they turn 30 as a sign of maturity, but I've clearly proven that I refuse to grow up. 

Wet Dreams Recordings started off in 2001 or 2002 after I decided that I wanted to do music seriously and disappoint my parents. Just joking! I don't think they're disappointed. I guess I always had this silly fantasy about having my own record label because from the get go I knew no one would sign me to theirs, or at least to the labels I admired. I wanted to have a means of releasing my friend's music and mine, but most importantly be able to make the type of music that we want to make without compromise. The aesthetic was about improvisation and working with very little equipment and resources. It wasn’t a stylistic choice, it was just reality and it's still being run in the same fashion. We don’t even have a domain name, just a free wordpress. There are some great collaborations like the Mojado e.p with Albert Axe. Leeu (formerly known as Lex Orbit) who is a part of the Johannesburg based Hadeda Collective, has joined to help me as vice president and A&R. He is also my favourite producer and so far his involvement has seen us getting some good gigs and securing some solid artits to the roster from Johannesburg.  For now Wet Dreams Recordings is myself, Leeu, Manyoba Boy$ (Big Space & Jumping Back Slash), Dark Swano, Yezzah (Deff Eff & Big Space), Huisbreek and Lorenzo. We also have upcoming releases by Satori, Hlasko, Mey, A$ap Ray Ray and Misdaad.

Tell us about the tracks that you selected for Night Sweats Vol. 3 and what the general vibe is. 

Night Sweats is a mixtape series of remixes and bootlegs and this is the biggest one so far. It’s a mixture of official remixes like the Pepe Soup one, a remake by Jumping Back Slash and the rest are just straight up bootlegs because stealing is a way of life. The funny thing is that I hate remixes. I used to like them but for South Africans the remix has done nothing but spawn a generation of lazy producers who only make remixes. These guys get the stems for the remixes but still manage to f**k it up, either by barely changing the original version or not using any of the original elements from the original. And these are the producers who are getting all the good paying gigs, media coverage and what not, so that’s why I opt for bootleg remixes. I guess it’s a subconsciouss f**k you to the remix generation, but I also just enjoy the roughness of the sound. The crude chopping. The homage that stinks of sweaty balls and fromage.

You write, paint, draw, make music, dress nice, make people laugh, model... is there anything that you can't do?  

Hold down a job. Sell my drawings. I actually cant draw for shit, so I guess that’s why I cant sell them? I also can't pretend that Cape Town isn’t a steaming pot of racist mediocrity. I can't pretend that I'm not seriously affected by how this once amazing city has turned into a caricature of a caricature of Alanis Morisette not understanding what the word ironic means.

Who's on your shit list and why?

1. ERA night club. You see, ERA is where  someone who works at Deloitte who just discovered techno goes, because he is actually a psy-trance head and the “techno” you listen to at ERA is only suited for dads on cheap cocaine running away from their wives and family.

2. Roxys Restaurant Cape Town. Don't go there and if you do piss on the floor and tag the bathroom with a spray can.

3. Namibian tourists. They speak funny, they're uneducated, they're really fu**ing stupid and they dress like Markhams mannequins from 1998.

4. People who say “lit” and “finna”.

5. Parties in cape Town that play black music and portray a black identity but don’t book black artists. 

How would you describe the SA DJ scene right now?   

Refer to the above. I hate DJing. I'm a producer. DJing is bullshit. Anyone can do it and what's worse you don’t even have to do it good anymore. All you need is a funny name and a computer. Can you imagine the state of the art world if the curator got more love than the artist? The DJ is the curator and in South Africa he gets more shine than the artist. It's fu**ing sad and really weak.

You've worked with everyone from Spoek to Dookoom to Okmalumkoolkat. How come all these guys are famous and you're not? 

I haven’t worked with Dookoom. But that’s a very good question. I played a significant part in the above mentioned artists' careers. You can ask them this, but it's not my style to take credit for another man's success. I took a long absence from music trying to find my own sound and was getting really fu**ed up while everyone was getting famous. I'm famous on the internet though. I'm not famous actually, I'm infamous. I'm the FHM rape guy, breh!

Are you the Shaun P of the Cape Town DJ game?  

You spelled Sean Price wrong… but if you mean am I the only DJ and producer in Cape Town who dresses like a rapper, but plays house and gets into street fights all the time then I guess yes. RIP SEAN PRICE AND APPLESAWC.