Umlilo's #FollowFriday

"Kwaai Diva" Umlilo shares his top 5 instagram accounts

For this week's #FollowFriday we asked gender-bending artist Umlilo to hook us up with his top 5 instagram accounts.

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Yves Saint Laurent once said "Fashion comes and goes but style is eternal". Instagram's fashion blogs and style profiles have become the perfect place to take your fomo levels to fleek proportions and also a data chowing haven for style inspiration and on-point fashion. For my Superbalist #FollowFriday I decided to pick some of my favorite profiles that give me the biggest style fomo while also giving me the constant urge to spend some serious dough on style.


Followers: 3.1m

Handle: versace_official

Versace is always trying to push the limits of their household brand and their Instagram profile really gives you the perfect balance of chic and edgy with some much-needed cameos from Naomi Campbell and the like.

Street Stylist

Followers: 2.9k

Handle: street_stylist

Women's fashion is probably always going to be a hundred times more interesting than men's because of the sheer fact that there is more scope to play and women are more open-minded to try new things and wear what they want. For that reason alone, this street style profile is a necessity for anyone who just loves all things street and all things feminine.

Lesala Mampa

Followers: 1.5k

Handle: lesala_mampa

Not only is model/physiotherapist and lecturer Lesala Mampa a beautiful person on the inside, he is very very easy on the eye and is one of the luckiest guys I know. He gets to wear all the best clothes and style items from designers here and beyond. For that reason alone, he deserves our collective fomo.

Stylish South Africa

Followers: 12k

Handle: stylishsouthafrica

Who knew South Africa could be so stylish? I'm just kidding, this blog is a great collection of trendsetters around Mzansi and how they articulate themselves through fashion and a reminder that there is great style in the motherland.

Tokyo Fashion 

Followers: 293k

Handle: tokyofashion

I'm a sucker for Tokyo style and love Harajuku fashion so this is my daily dose of what people in Shibuya and other areas of Tokyo are up to in terms of fashion. Also, these outfits make me smile.