Phendu Kuta #FollowFriday

The founder of Unlabelled Magazine selects her 5 stand out Instagram accounts

These are the Instagram accounts that stand out for me. I believe these young people are innovators and influencers in their respective fields and are consistent in the work they put out. I selected them because of their personal style and how their work stands out.


Handle: velmarossa

Followers: 3.9k

One half of 2manysiblings. The photography, styling and art direction in her images is impeccable not to mention she is a striking beauty. Its no wonder she and her brother have one of the most popular African style blogs on Tumblr.

Rendani Mukheli

Handle: rendanimukheli

Followers: 13k

One third of I See a Different You. I have been an avid follower of I See a Different You's work even before they catapulted into popularity. I appreciate the honesty and rawness in which they document the township. Of course each member of the trio has they own unique voice.

David Tshabalala

Handle: slaying.goliath

Followers: 2k

David is currently showcasing his annual Instabition (Instagram Exhibition) for women's month. It celebrates young women he finds inspiring. Everyday he posts an illustration of a young woman who inspires him and why he finds her inspiring. Its great to see a young man celebrate women

Lulama Mlambo

Handle: lulamawolf

Followers: 11.7k

She has effortless style and beauty. I enjoy the balance between the lifestyle posts and the fashion posts. Lulama's instagram is a great reminder that we need to take time to enjoy life instead of always running the rat race.

Wanda Lephoto

Handle: wandalephoto

Followers: 3.5k

One of the members of The Sartists. Wanda is a style icon and innovator. The art direction and photography of the work his team produces is very current yet timeless. I love their interpretation of the sports luxe trend.

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