The Mixtape Vol. 16

In the mix with Tecla Ciolfi from Texx and the City

Tecla Ciolfi is the marketing manager for Deezer South Africa and the woman behind local music site, Texx and the City

Tecla's taste in music has grown considerably since the first album she bought - TLC's 'Crazy Sexy Cool'- and you can consult her mixtape as proof of this.

"When I like something I tend to listen to it on repeat to see how fast I can get sick of it, these are a few of those songs."

It's been a long, hard grind, but Texx is living the dream and she's managed to make music her life. 

Most memorable gig?

"Hog Hoggidy Hog, Fuzigish and PHFAT at The Assembly before George's untimely passing."

Best festival?

"Up The Creek."

Describe your dance style.

"Quintessential white girl shake."

Do you care if Drake's raps are ghost-written?

"Drake's had my heart from Degrassi days, so it matters not."

How exciting is local music right now?

"It's in a weird transitional phase but I have faith in quality ultimately trumping trends." 

So there you go, by the time you read this Tecla will most likely be shooting tequila shots at the Koppi top bar.