The Mixtape Vol. 13

Sexy Groovy Love

Sharing a name with former professional wrestling champion The Heartbreak Kid, Shaun Michaels works at Superbalist as a business intelligence analyst, converting data into real information so that even our creative team can understand orders and buying habits.

Shaun’s sideline gig running the boutique music festival Sexy Groovy Love got him the coveted Monday Mixtape slot, and if you’ve ever attended one of his day parties in the winelands then you’ll be looking forward to pressing play right away.

“It's a fun, friendly and light atmosphere in a magical wonderland with like minded people. It’s about the whole experience where we try and take people to a surreal new world using bubble machines, birds, floating lanterns, mushrooms…” 

There's also the music, which is as uplifting as everything else. 

“Musically this is what I’ve been listening to in my own time. Not meant to be a representation of what you’d expect at our parties, it’s just what I’ve been enjoying. That said, some of these tracks could definitely be played at our parties. Lots of vocals, which is quite rare in the scene at the moment, and then it’s all rather positive – the perfect pick me up for winter.” 

A big fan of Flight Facilities, there’s also Kolsch and some Oliver Schories amongst others.

“Sexy Groovy Love is now moving to Johannesburg. We’re spreading our wings and flying north for the Spring with our first Johannesburg event planned for September. We'll be back in Cape Town for summer where you can expect bigger and better things.”