Jogger Pants

Not your sloppy Saturday sweats, but the best pants to show off your sneakers

Some men believe that starting the day off with exercise, a fresh cup of coffee, a steaming shower and the perfect shave makes all the difference. Not us! We’d rather keep hitting snooze until brunch beckons us out of bed. Which we’d preferably eat while still dressed in our pajamas and then chillax in those all day. Unfortunately we’re not in a tax bracket that allows us to dress like Hugh Hefner, but a small consolation is that menswear now has a new pants option – joggers.

With classic cotton sweat clothes being KO’d by ultra light tech fabrics as workout apparel, they have found a second act as casual wear. Then, perhaps as an evolution of guys cuffing their pants, there’s the addition of a cinched hem.

Remember when we showed you how to cuff your pants, and said that it’s the best way to show off your sneakers? Joggers have gone and done that for you. The clincher – they’re so comfortable you’ll question whether you should be wearing them outside of the house. (You should).

In the same way that the more tailored denim silhouette took a while to take off, and how we now all wear denim we previously feared would crush our crotch, the jogger pant is a trend that’s now close to becoming ubiquitous.

Yep, the fashion tracksuiting is no longer strictly reserved for off-duty models and can be worn by the everyman. Bear in mind, though, these aren’t the same tracksuit pants you wear while potting around the house, but perfectly tapered pants that just happen to be made from a mélange or jersey fabric.


So what is the perfect fit? Not too baggy and not too tight, you want the baby bear of fits – just right. Think comfortable and fitted upper, tailored legs and a snug menswear feel to the cuffs. Ultimately the jogger is a forgiving silhouette that has the fit of a pair of skinny jeans at the ankle with breathing room around the crotch and thighs.

Want to know how we got here? Look down at your feet. Remember when Nike started pushing their sportier running silhouettes like the Roshe and the Free? Well, those on the bleeding edge took that literally, started wearing apparel usually associated with running and the results were trends like sports luxe and athleisure.

Even for those who didn’t subscribe to the abovementioned trends, the joggers’ appeal is that the loose, sweatpants-style leg tapering and elastic cuffs that hit just above the ankle are the perfect way to show off a sneaker. Originating in Europe, the look quickly got picked up by the rest of the world as sneakerheads noticed the trend on Instagram and lazy outerwear replaced denim as the smart-casual staple for style-savvy men.

No belts, buttons or zips, the jogger is the latest example of the general loosening-up we’ve been seeing in menswear. Just remember to balance your outfit by wearing something more fitted and tailored on top and you’ll slip into this trend as comfortably as a warm bath. Or a pair of joggers.