The Mixtape Vol. 12

Ian Skene's winter warmers

Having lived in Cape Town for about a decade now, Jozi born and Durban bred DJ Ian Skene looks a lot younger than his 37 years would suggest. This is either because he still sees the world through the eyes of a child, or maybe it's because he jols like one.

The resident DJ at ERA grew up with parents who would blast Roy Orbison and Queen around the house, and his older brother Stuart was a proper new wave kid who threw The Smiths, Joy Division and The Cure into the mix.

Together with his other brother Malcolm, this pair of Umbilo hoodrats embedded themselves in the Durban DJ scene after they took a break from riding skateboards and causing chaos and started playing some of the old school rap and hip-hop that they were listening to.

They'd spend hours crate-digging at the hospice shops and buy anything on vinyl that they could scratch to, and joined by a few others the small crew kept at it until 330 and ADs ushered in Durban's house music and dance scene.

Which brings us to this Monday’s Mixtape: two hours of slow burners for those short days and long nights, starting with a mellow 70bpm and ending at 110bpm.

“It’s slowed down, pitched down, downtempo house music with a moody and classy element to it. I hate putting out dance mixes as I find doing them creates an uneccesary anxiety for me.”

Ian takes pride in finding slower, moodier music that anyone can relate to. Something that can be played from first thing in the morning to the after, after party.

“Yes it’s rather moody and I want people to feel something. It should hit a nerve and make you feel good.”

With tracks from artists like The Acid and Ghost Culture, if you're not still playing this mix by Friday then you're probably taking bumbles with your breakfast instead of your vitamins. 

Headphones on, Monday noise off, ease into the week with Ian Skene's winter warmers.