Seth Pimentel

Chisanga Mubanga spots an African Ginger

Instagram: @african_ginger

Pants: Chinos

Socks: ofwgkta

Shirt: vest

Jacket: vintage 

Save your logos for a billboard. Sometimes the clothing that we choose to cover ourselves with has more to do with function than sending out any kind of message. Take this guy for example. His sneakers need to stand up to spending a day kickflipping over potholes and his pants should be tough enough to bounce back from the tarmac. A lightweight vest keeps him cool while he works up a sweat doing shuvits and the oversized jacket keeps the wind chill off when he's sitting curbside and watching his homies throw down. The socks are a shout out to his and our favourite skate-inspired rap crew, because if you are going to choose to advertise a brand or label then it should be something that you identify with. Swag.