5 Superb Women To Follow

Five females to follow from the creative corner of Superbalist

Get to know the creative humans behind the Superbalist brand.

1 - @amberrosetoday /145

She says: http://amberrosetoday.tumblr.com

We say: Amber is responsible for everything from the amazing illustrations that fill our blog every week, to other less glamorous things, like marketing. Amber posts equal parts inspiration pics and photos of her rescue dogs. 

2 - @danielletheron / 829

She says: 25. The Next Supreme. Cape Town, South Africa Producer. Lipstick Addict. Shoe Collector. Cat Enthusiast. Marry me, Matt Healy?

We say: Our producer Dan is, like, the most photogenic girl you could ever hope to meet. Her face was made for Insta, and we like all those pics of her tattooed feet in the bath, too.

3 - @sabrinagabe / 330

She says: Cape Town, South Africa Graphic Design / Fashion www.somethingstudio.co.za And I stand around wearing clothes 

We say: Sabrina does post the best #OOTDs and seems to always find herself some place exotic. Jelly!

4 - @_nichole_with_an_h_ / 528

She says:D E S I G N E R ° I L L U S T R A T O R ° C R E A T I V E ° C H I L D O F T H E U N I V E R S E ° 

We say: Nix is queen of the grid, posting many small pics to make up fantastic large format images.

5 - @ohhicayleigh / 544

She says:Head Copywriter @Superbalist | Author of 'Close to Home' | @GQSouthAfrica's Books Editor | Posts a lot of cloud photos.

We say: Cayleigh's words are her strong point, so maybe you should rather give follow her on Twitter? #JustSaying