The Mixtape Vol.3

The studio sounds of Daniel Ting Chong

The man whose workspace we visited for our inaugural My Desk story, illustrator extraordinaire Daniel Ting Chong, has compiled this week’s mixtape, which is a heady mix of head bopping hip-hop and some of our favourite local musicians.

We were surprised how the inhabitants of the shared space Only Today in the Woodstock Exchange didn’t plug themselves into headphones, and instead took turns to play music out loud from their iMacs. Not only did this make for a more social environment, it was also a way of being introduced to music that you perhaps wouldn’t usually listen to.

You can step into the studio and learn more about Dan’s day to day when we drop Edition Three tomorrow. 

What you won’t read about there is that together with Jarryd Kin Dan’s part of DJ/VJ duo The Mao, and so it’s fitting then that he shows off this side of his creativity by compiling a playlist based on his typical studio listening habits.

Lets dance! 


  1. Quasimoto – Astronaut
  2. Slikour – BFG Goldteeth & Carvelas (feat. USanele x Okmalumkoolkat)
  3. Cannibal Ox – Vision (feat. The Quantum)
  4. Mualphachi – Catchin’ The Vibe
  5. A Z E K E L – New Romance
  6. Jamie XX – Girl
  7. Maramza – Cut The Cake (ft. Moonchild)
  8. Sibot – Arc Eyes
  9. Woodkid – Iron (Gucci Vump Remix)
  10. Markus Wormstorm – 12 Sleep Ali