Fresh on the rack: the South African streetwear brand that's looking east

Mathew Kieser has always been interested in the rag trade, and so after working in a surf shop he went on to design for Reebok, did a short stint at Jeep and has been supplying and manufacturing for some of the bigger South African chain stores for the last six years.

However, it was a trip to Seoul that resulted in both international interest and plenty of local high-fives. After his brother Jared, the dude responsible for the circular Sol-Sol logo, and best mate Carl moved to Seoul they started a popular street style blog, Sol-Sol Street, in order to document the inspiring outfits around them.

The blog now has just under 20 000 followers, and it was while necking a local beer called CASS and a horrible rice wine, Soju, that they decided to extend the blog into a menswear line, and you can shop Sol-Sol at the Superbalist.

With a focus on well-constructed wardrobe staples, the Sol-Sol range of quality basics in structured silhouettes and muted tonal colours is now getting attention from We-Are-Awesome and Hypebeast.

It’s easy to see why. Yes, that dude wearing the Sol-Sol tee is sitting on the edge of a volcano!

Mat has since relocated to Cape Town, and if the success of other Durbanites done good in the Mother City is anything to go by – ScaraStoreBrewers&UnionAnd People, Craig Native, Darkie, Malcolm Kluk, Boyd Ferguson, the Bio Oil guys and even a little online shop by the name of Superbalist – we reckon Sol-Sol is now ready for the next level.