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Superbalist Christmas 2020

'Tis the season! Superbalist Unboxes 2020's Festive Spoils with 15 Days of Deals to help find the perfect gifts for you and your loved ones – all for less! Our gift selection includes luxury brands, the latest trends,gift sets, must-haves under R200 as well as gift vouchers for last-minute gift shoppers. Better yet? We're not only supplying the perfect gifts but the ultimate step up of your festive style and hosting. Show up and show out with our summer sizzlers and stand-out pieces perfect for every and any occasion. Our home decor and furniture is the perfect update to get you to the title of the host with the most. Be sure to check out our festive delivery schedule to make sure that you get your orders by Christmas, 25 November (No one likes a tardy Santa).

Got some questions about Christmas? We've got the answers:

What does Christmas mean?

The word ‘Christmas’ is derived from ‘the Mass of Christ’ and is a holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. It occurs annually on 25 December and is a holiday where people exchange gifts with their loved ones. Culturally, it has become one of the most popular holidays of the year, involving the tale of Santa Clause or Father Christmas and his reindeer in the North Pole. It has become a time when people celebrate with their families, friends and loved ones, usually with a big meal, exchange of presents and in South Africa, spend time outdoors and at the beach. At Superbalist, Christmas is the time we introduce our 15 Days of Deals, with amazing offers on fashion, shoes and accessories, as well as home decor, furniture and living essentials, as well as an extensive gift offering for everyone looking for the perfect present for themselves or their loved ones.

What are good decoration ideas for a summer Christmas?

There are many types of decorations, depending on one’s location, culture and available resources. The main feature in many homes when decorating is a Christmas tree. This is usually adorned with ornaments and lights. Other traditional decorations for Christmas include bells, angels, stockings, wreaths, candles and lights that are placed in and outside of the home. Superbalist offers a wide range of decorations to put around the home at this time of the year. Superbalist sells scented candles, wallpapers, artwork by acclaimed artists, wall decorations, oil burners and planters, perfect for bringing an inviting feel to your home when family and friends visit.

How is Christmas celebrated?

Christmas is an international holiday that is celebrated at the end of the year, by spending time with family, friends and loved ones. This festive day is usually celebrated with jolly gifts, a big communal meal and activities that revolve around the season. Christmas celebrations vary according to culture, religion and geographical location. Many celebrate Christmas through a Western lens which includes the tale of Santa Clause, the reindeer who pulls his carriage full of gifts and the elves who help him wrap the gifts. In South Africa, you can buy Christmas gifts from Superbalist as we have a wide range of options for the whole family. Spoil yourself and your loved ones to a stylish Christmas present from Superbalist. Choose from women’s fashion, men’s fashion or kids fashion, sports gear, beauty and grooming gifts as well as home and living items.

When is Christmas celebrated?

Christmas officially takes place on the 25th of December but many also celebrate it during the late afternoon or evening on the day before, the 24th. In countries in the Northern Hemisphere, this is during winter when it snows, hence the expression ‘white Christmas’. In countries in the Southern Hemisphere such as South Africa, this time of the year is during the height of summer. As a result, this time of the year is associated with the sunshine and spending time outdoors with family and friends doing fun activities around the home or in public spaces like beaches and parks. Christmas at Superbalist usually begins in early December for the 15 Days of Deals offers.

Why is Christmas important?

Christmas is an important holiday as it brings together friends and family through festive cheer, love, gifts, cultural traditions and food. It is observed in many Western countries as the main holiday in the month of December and is the reason this period is called the ‘holiday season’. This is also due to it being so close to the end of the year (and in the United States, close to the Thanksgiving holiday) when many businesses, schools and institutions close. In South Africa, Christmas is celebrated with family and friends, and it is the time when many people travel to visit them. They bring gifts with them – Superbalist is the best place to purchase Christmas gifts. Superbalist has beauty and grooming presents, gift sets, fashion for women, men and kids, artwork, jewellery, phone covers, kitchen supplies and tableware.

What are good Christmas gift ideas?

The ultimate Christmas gift is thoughtful and given with jolly love. Superbalist has 10 000+ items across departments that can make the perfect present. Gifts can be small, affordable items like jewellery, stationery, books, perfumes, scented candles, phone covers, speakers, fitness trackers, yoga mats and so much more. Superbalist also has larger items that can be investment pieces. Think furniture such as headboards and beds, TV stands, consoles, dining tables, sofas and chairs, homeware and kitchen essentials such as cooking utensils and decor such as pendant lights, mirrors, rugs, cushions, throws and tableware for hosting summer brunches, lunches and dinners for family and friends. Superbalist also offers gift vouchers for those who may have forgotten to shop on time, the perfect last-minute present.

How is Christmas celebrated in South Africa?

Christmas in South Africa is celebrated in the middle of summer as it is in the Southern Hemisphere and is often spent outdoors if the weather is permitting. People will gather with their family, friends or other loved ones for a braai (barbeque) in their home or a public space like the beach or a park. Food commonly enjoyed includes meat such as turkey, chicken, lamb or beef, along with vegetable dishes, salads and desserts, and is cooked by the host or communally by the attendees. There is usually an exchange of gifts between loved ones spending the day together, and the best gifts are usually bought from Superbalist, South Africa’s number one online fashion destination, thanks to the wide variety of presents on offer on the app and on the website.

Where does Christmas come from?

Christmas is traditionally a holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ in the Christian faith. The first celebration was approximately in the year 336 in Rome but only became a festival in the 9th century. Traditions such as decorating trees originated in Germany and were adopted by other Western countries. South Africa's number one online fashion destination will be offering 15 Days of Deals for you to get your Christmas gifts for less this year. Check out our app and shop from the palm of your hand. Superbalist’s 15 Days of Deals kicks off on 4 December, giving you ample time to order your presents and have them delivered in time for Christmas. Visit our website for more information about cut-off dates.

Why is Christmas special?

Christmas occurs towards the end of the year, days before New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. In South Africa, schools and many places of business close for these holidays. This period is known as the festive season and many people use it to celebrate and spend time with their families, friends and loved ones. At Superbalist, we make Christmas special by offering you 15 Days of Deals and other amazing daily offers. Place your order during the 15 Days of Deals and have your gift delivered to you straight to your door in time for Christmas, or if you haven’t shopped on time, simply purchase one of our gift vouchers.

How did Christmas start?

Christmas was initially celebrated in Rome around the 336 and became a festive holiday centuries later. The common Christmas celebrations and traditions as we know it originated in Germany and spread to countries such as the United States and United Kingdom. At Superbalist, we start Christmas with our 15 Days of Deals range of offers so you can find the perfect gift for less. Superbalist also offers gift vouchers for those who prefer the gift of choice, or if you haven’t bought your order in time. Order your favourite sneakers by brands like adidas Originals, Puma, New Balance and Reebok. Shop them on the app and have them delivered to your door or make use of our convenient Click + Collect option.