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Onitsuka Tiger

Combining vintage aesthetics with modern design, Onitsuka Tiger is as versatile as they come. Perfect when used as a pair of summer beaters or as part of an immaculate retro look, these shoes fuse comfort with pared-down cool. Their Mexico 66 line of sneakers are famous around the world, although their alternate options are equally notable. With our wide range of colourways and silhouettes, you’re certain to find the perfect pair when you shop online with Superbalist. We’ll even deliver them to your door, free of charge, anywhere in South Africa.

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Onitsuka Tiger

Developed to promote athletics in Japan in 1949, Onitsuka Tiger has a strong heritage of providing the highest quality sneakers to athletes across the world. Their striped logo has become a symbol of sneaker culture, and the unique fusion of Japanese heritage and street sensibilities that defines them is unlike any other. Constantly innovating, their selection ranges from classic to modern, calling on their rich history as well as looking to the future.

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