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Asics Tiger

A Japanese brand with over half a century of experience, ASICS Tiger is simply underrated. Offering athletic apparel and sneakers of the highest quality, their price tags are more than justified. Counted as among the very best when it comes to actual athletics, they’re a far cry from other brands who’ve eschewed athletes for celebrities. Having stayed true to their heritage, one should wear them with pride. An investment in your fitness, or fashion, that will pay untold dividends. Their Gel-Lyte technology is ideal for pounding the pavement in style and comfort, and promises to take whatever you can throw at it. Shop online with Superbalist now and we’ll even deliver them right to your door, anywhere in South Africa. You’re literally a couple of clicks away from fresh kicks.

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Asics Tiger

An acronym for the latin expression, “anima sana in corpore sano,” translating to, “healthy soul in a healthy body,” Asics seems to have its priorities on lock. Among the foremost brands when it comes to running shoes, the footwear brand's functionality can’t be denied. Neither can the form, with stunning colourways and silhouettes that feature impeccable construction. Long story short: whether for sprinting or stunting, you can’t go wrong with a pair of Asics.