Summer is here, make sure you have the right suncare for your skin while you bask in the sun.

suncare, sunscreen, avene

Words Jamal Grootboom | Images: Supplied

Summer tends to be a time when being outside is high on the agenda list for everyone - the beach, pool party, wine farm, farmer’s market and restaurant with a quaint outside area offer an opportunity to soak in the sun.

However, as we know, making suncare a core part of your skincare routine is not only necessary for your day-to-day life, but especially if you plan on spending a significant amount in direct sunlight.

Avène has you covered with a range of sunscreen products for all skin types that use their new TriAsorB™ technology that offers protection against sun damage and photoaging.

suncare, sunscreen, avene

If you have normal or combination skin you can hop from one product to the next stress-free, the Avène Fluid 50+ is the one for you. The formula has an ultra-light-weight texture that absorbs almost immediately for a unique bare-skin feeling with tapioca powder for a stunning finish.

suncare, sunscreen, avene

Having dry skin can be tricky since you are always looking to get optimum moisture out of products. The Avène Cream 50+ has a soothing sensation that offers a cocoon throughout the day that releases its hydrating power into the skin with assistance from glycerin

and softening rice powder.

suncare, sunscreen, avene

Those with oily skin have both a blessing and a curse since their natural radiance goes from ‘glow from within’ to ‘shiny like a freshly glazed doughnut’ quickly. The Avène Cleanance 50+ brings an extra-light texture that’s compatible with the needs of those that suffer from acne-prone or blemish-prone skin. It gives you a beautiful appearance thanks to monolaurin which regulates the hyperproduction of sebum and sun protection. This also helps protect from the negative impact of the sun on acne.