It’s all about blush, siren eyes and graphic liner for spring/summer makeup.

makeup, makeup trends, spring/summer

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The sun is out, festivals are plenty, it’s time for many outdoor activities and having a head-to-toe look is the vibe. When it comes to choosing a makeup look for your outfit it can make or break the overall impression.

And with the beauty community shifting from YouTube to TikTok, they have caused trends to come and go swiftly to keep up with the speed of the go-to Gen Z app. Remember how we moved from drawing a triangle with concealer to only putting it on the inner and outer corners? Only be told by a professional makeup artist on TikTok that we’re all doing it wrong. Luckily, most trends aren’t taken as seriously and they are fun ways to play with makeup.

If you don’t know which ones to give a try, don’t stress - we’ve got you covered with five of the hottest makeup trends that are sure to be popular on your social media feeds and in real life. Don’t forget that Superbalist's Beauty Week is happening until 2 October so you can stock up on things you need and want to give a try for up to 50% off.

makeup, makeup trends, spring/summer

Getting into a full face of makeup can sometimes take many steps and have you spending a lot of time as you apply concealer, blush, bronzer and contour one layer at a time on top of your foundation.

Well, the one-layer makeup trend seems to be the answer to shortening that process and lowering the risk of looking cakey. To do it, place your brightening concealer, cream or liquid blush, bronzer, highlighter and contour in the spots where you usually put them. Filling in any gaps with your foundation.

Once you’ve applied all the products, spritz your face with setting spray before blending or buffing from the lightest to darkest products.

makeup, makeup trends, spring/summer

One of the most sultry trends for the season is Siren Eyes. This vampy eyeshadow look has been seen on supermodel Bella Hadid and reality TV star Kendall Jenner.

To achieve this low-effort eyeshadow look you start with a brown pencil or eyeshadow on the outer corner, drawing your wing upwards and extending it into your crease.

Blend it out with a smudger brush in an upward motion for a smoky winged effect. Apply a dark liner or shadow to create more depth and add the liner to your waterline. On the inner corner apply the transition shade and blend it out but keep it restricted to that area, avoiding the centre of the lid.

Extend your inner waterline with your liner in a v-shape and add a light simmer shade on the centre of the eyelid to complete the Siren Eye look.

makeup, makeup trends, spring/summer

Heavily sculpted brows have had their moment in the sun and with the more minimalist approach to makeup, the brows have also pulled back from looking like caterpillars. While microblading and laminating your brows are options to get a fluffy brow look, an easier way to get the look is with brow gel or wax. Brush upwards after lightly filling in and creating the general shape of your brows.

makeup, makeup trends, spring/summer

All the way back in early 2020 Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga teamed up for Rain On Me, debuting the now iconic floating white liner that acted as the launch pad for this trend. However, since we were stuck indoors it didn't quite make it into real life as swiftly. Other stars such as Doja Cat started rocking the trend, propelling it into one of the hottest looks that's easy to replicate. All you need is a steady hand to draw the desired shape on your eyelid with a gel or liquid eyeliner in white, black or bright colours.

makeup, makeup trends, spring/summer

One of the easiest ways to bring warmth back into your face is to add blush. And just like RuPaul’s Drag Race superstar Trixie Mattel, everyone is currently living for blush. From bright pink, coral, and plum to orange - the more blush the better. Whether it’s liquid, loose or pressed powder, placement is key when jumping on this trend train.

You want to apply it at the high points of your cheeks, situating the product right above your bronzer and/or contour. This gives a lifting effect and by applying it to the bridge of the nose you can get a sunkissed look along with your forehead to keep everything in balance.

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