A decor expert shares how you can add pieces that spark a conversation in your home

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They say there is no place like home, and for the past couple of years, this could not ring more true. We have been forced to slow down and spend time inside, creating humble abodes that are cosy and calm - an aesthetic that’s comforted us in these unprecedented times.

But after two years of uncertainty, there is a sense of renewed energy and creativity in the air. While fashion projects our personality and interests to the outside world, it’s our home that truly serves our inner self.

However, the reality is that our homes have become the main settings of our lives - where we work, sleep, and socialise. And while it may be more of a refuge than ever, it seems that the more time we spend staring at the walls, the more restless we’ve become to make changes to our interiors.

No doubt, refreshing pockets of your palace with the latest trends will reinvigorate and refresh your space. But if you truly want your home to evoke the excitement, boldness, and a new sense of optimism this new year is brimming with, then you are going to have to rely on pieces or trends that make more of a statement.

That’s where insight from someone like Sanri Pienaar comes in. Art Director, stylist, contributing decor editor, co-owner of a sourcing and manufacturing company SOOK, and our resident Home and Living Editor, she shares why when it comes to refreshing our interiors we need to make a statement.

This is what she shared with us:

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After a turbulent couple of years — and spending lots of time indoors — many of us are looking to give our humble abode a refresh. What are the boldest trends that should be on our radar for 2022?

Pantone's Colour of the year 20220, Veri Peri

This bright shade of periwinkle will energise any room. And while it’s a bold choice, in small doses it will enliven interiors without feeling too OTT. Think accents, pillows, throws, vases, and rugs. Another way to bring in this vivid hue is through one statement-making accent, such as a large piece of artwork or an upholstered chair.


More is more! The maximalist style is about creating a cheerful place with maximum use of colour, repetitive patterns, and prized showstoppers.

Sculptural and Curved Shapes

Sloped lines, curved silhouettes, and soft feminine arches are a big trend for 2022 and these showstopping pieces - think curved furniture, mirrors, lighting, side tables- are able to add a touch of glamour and elegance to any setting.

Traditional Touches

This trend reflects a common need for timeless and comforting aesthetics. Think classic furnishings, elegant wallpaper, beautiful curtains, antique accents, patterned or textured rugs, and statement lighting.

What can be considered as a statement piece?

A statement piece is anything that makes an impact, adds interest, and stands out. With the right statement piece - big or small - you can transform your space into an interior design dream. A bright occasional armchair, textured rug or interesting lamp can bring a design intrigue that your space may currently be missing. Consider a classic piece with an artistic quality to ensure unique versatility and timelessness.

What advice would you give someone who would like to quickly update a space? Are there any pieces they could add that would instantly make a statement?

Introducing colour, texture, and patterns to any space makes the biggest impact. Painting an accent wall, ceiling or even just adding a bright splash of colour to railings and skirting can quickly transform a space and make an immediate statement. Classic, vintage furniture and decor or a striking piece of art add an extra layer of interest and is a great conversation starter.

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How can one incorporate prints and patterns?

Different patterns with different colours can overwhelm a room and make it feel chaotic. Keep things feeling more cohesive by choosing a base colour and then mixing it with prints and patterns that feature colour schemes within the same tonal family or colour palette. This creates an aesthetically pleasing environment, while still offering a maximalist look and feel.

Also, go CRAZY! Mixing and matching patterns - like stripes and florals - makes quite the statement. Stripes are a particularly great print to bring into your home. It always feels chic but be sure to mix in solid colours every so often to break up the lines and shapes of your patterns.

When it comes to adding a statement piece what rules, if any, should we follow?

Rule number one is to always choose things you love. Life is really too short to live in a boring space.

As we tend to update our space infrequently, opt for quality pieces that are modern transcend trends and boast a more classic design aesthetic.

Another important factor to consider is the impact your purchases are making on the environment. Be more mindful when shopping for statement pieces - consider vintage or second-hand items (bonus: these items are unique and often have a story of their own) and avoid buying items just because they are trendy or inexpensive.

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For those on a budget, can you suggest some affordable ways one can add a statement piece?

Soft furnishings are the perfect way to add interest and inject personality without breaking the bank. As trends change, so do our individual tastes and preferences – therefore an easy way to refresh a space is to switch up our everyday decorative items. Accessories such as cushions, rugs, blankets and lighting can be re-organised in order to create a new look.

Cool vases are another way to make a space pop. These chic vessels are a simple way to put an artful spin on your environment- even all on their own or fill them with fresh blooms to add some flair and refinement.

Can you suggest ways one can add a statement piece to the following spaces?


A bright kettle. Such a splurge! But oh the joy it brings when I make my morning cuppa and it really looks so pretty. SMEG does amazing ones.


White plush towels, colourful hand towels, or a cute bath mat all add personality to your bathroom.


A stylish rug looks incredible and can make a space feel new.


Beautiful printed bed linen and scatters uplift any bedroom.

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