4 Jozi spots Content Creator + Vlogger, Tshimi, is putting her hats on for this Spring/Summer

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The moment she wakes up, before she puts on her makeup, she says a lil’... affirmation to herself, reminding herself that she is just as special as she thinks she is.

Well then, if Joburg-based vlogger, Tshimologo’s (Tshimi) optimism isn’t the epitome of a Spring/Summer season set to make up for lost time in 2020, then we don’t know what is.

With a personality as effervescent as her favourite sparkling beverage - House of BNG - it’s a no-brainer that she’d be our Joburg guide for all the trendy spots to visit in the city as the sun lifts our moods after a grey winter.

Welcome bright hues + whimsical strokes on your eyelids, slap on some SPF, frolick in a roomy dress, and stack a hat atop your braids. Just like Tshimi.

It’s nice to meet her, as her Instagram handle - @nicetshimityou - implies.

Which colours are on your summer palette?

As someone with commitment issues, I wouldn’t say I ever commit to any kind of pallete. However, I believe in white, a neutral (fawn, beige, taupe), and a primary colour - for a POP of colour.

If you could bottle the smell of summer, which fruits, flowers, etc would you bottle?

If I could bottle the smell of summer it would 100 percent be a mix of dainty floral, grapefruit (I know, it’s a winter fruit), and sunscreen.

The first thing I do every summer morning is drink a glass of water with a slice of lemon and some ice. Hydration is the key to success!

When I’m doing my makeup/skincare routine, I play...

OMG there is so much awesome new music out. I would have to say that my 'getting ready' holy grail songs right now are; Whole Lotta Money by Bia, Izolo by Maphorisa, TylerICU + Visca, and Focalistic’s Balcony Mix!

If I could drink a cocktail for my skin, it would be...

My skin cocktail would be called The Dewwy Gloww Tonicc because it would consist of; hyaluronic acid (because my skin is achingly dry), SuperHero Glass Skin Spray, a ton of sunscreen (the glow), and my MAC Cheeky Bronze highlighter.

Nice to meet her style

The first thing I do every morning before I get dressed is affirm myself. I remind myself that I am as special as I think I am, and that today is going to be THE BEST DAY.

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What are your favourite summer silhouettes?

I believe in constantly trying new styles and silhouettes, so I would be lying if I said that I had favourite summer silhouettes. But if I had to pick, it'd be an hourglass silhouette. It's so easy to go from laidback to formal.

Which item in your wardrobe is your summer hero?

I honestly have to give a huge shoutout to my A-line white linen shirt dress. I can dress it up or down, and it’s suitable for almost EVERY occasion.

What do you love about the piece you are wearing for this campaign?

The pieces I am wearing for this campaign are so cute. I looove the style of the dress, the little high-low situation is always so cute. The colour of the dress made me feel like a watermelon/tangerine dream.

The ASICS, omg! So cute and can literally be paired with anything. I loved all the pieces so much.

What are your go-to textures and fabrics for the warmer seasons?

My go to textures and fabrics for summer always include some linen, bold-hued T-shirt dresses, and summery prints (paisley, dainty florals).

What’s your favourite summer fashion memory?

One of my favourite summer fashion memories is from a music festival called Bacardi Holiday Club, hosted by Unitl Until. It’s actually more the fashion there than my personal fashion. The theme last year was ‘Carnival’ and seeing everyone in their outfits was just such a joy.

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What’s the one wardrobe item you’ll be wearing for many more summers to come?

I just got into hats and they are 100 percent my new summer heroes in my wardrobe. Much like dresses, there is a hat for every occasion.

NiceTshimitYou in the city

If you’ll be out and about in Jozi this summer, these are the top four spots Tshimi recommends you try:

Blondie, Greenside

If you’re looking for some delicious deep-dish pizza and an incredible Paloma, this is a great place to go to on a Saturday with a few friends for a catch up.


The Last Alpaca, Greenside

This is one of my favourite places to take photos at, at the moment. Their booths have fun pops of colour and their drinks are to die for.

Last Alpaca

Great Dane, Braamfontein

I’ve been going to Great Dane for longer than I’d like to admit, but it’s just impossible to have a bad time there. It’s doesn’t matter when or why you’re going. The staff is always so pleasant, the vibe is ALWAYS chilled, and you’re bound to bump into someone [you know].

The great dane

The Whippet, Linden

This is honestly my favorite breakfast spot in Joburg. It doesn’t have a view, but the breakfast is to die for and it’s served ALL DAY. This place is suitable for literally anything - from a date to breakfast with the family. I have yet to be disappointed by this place.

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