All things glowy and sunkissed with Joy Lakay

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Writer: Helen Wallace | Images: Supplied

You heard it here first: the glazed doughnut glow remains *essential* this Spring/Summer. Well, at least according to lifestyle content creator and Mother City local, Joy Lakay. And she should know.

Joy starts her days scrolling through her social media feeds for inspiration, coffee in hand, and a fire playlist cranked up. But now that the warm weather is coming in hot, she’ll be switching that cup of joe for a mimosa, thanks!

The Perfect Canvas

Joy knows that taking care of your skin is more important than covering it up. “Your skin is the canvas that you paint your makeup on, so making sure it's treated well is essential,” she says.

“With makeup, I take the ‘less is more’ approach, pairing a simple makeup look with a pop of colour on my eyes to match my outfit.”

While her job in front of the lens requires her to be as natural as possible, this doesn’t mean Joy doesn’t love trying new trends.

“I enjoying playing with eyeshadow and graphic liner because the most simple shapes can make such a big difference,” she beams. As for colour, expect to see her rocking bright and pastel shades of green, lilac, pink, yellow, and oranges – all of which put her in a warm, sunny mood.

Her eyes won’t be the only feature to get the Spring/Summer treatment.

“This season is all about achieving that glowy, sunkissed look,” explains Joy. “I’ll be switching out my lipsticks for lightweight, shiny lip glosses. For my cheeks, some highlighter and an orange-pink blush. The brighter the better.”

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If you smell something fresh in the air, it could be the seasonal flowers in bloom. Or it could be Joy’s fragrance. Her signature scent is the fruity-floral Versace Bright Crystal Absolu.

“I don’t like scents that are too sweet, so my favourite summer notes would include zesty citrus and hints of berries.”

Want to know just how much fun Joy had with our beauty products? Watch as she creates one of the many fun looks she plans on wearing this Spring/Summer.

Spring/Summer Style Shake-up

Bold. Comfortable. Trendy. This is how Joy would describe her Spring/Summer 2021 style.

A mix of street style and ‘model off-duty’, she is a firm believer in having a collection of quality basics and incorporating them with seasonal trends. But if you’re expecting basic looks, think again.

“This Spring/Summer, my outfits will include colour and fun prints. I’ve been loving the ‘70s floral prints in oranges and pinks. I’ve also been adding sage green and lilac pieces to my wardrobe,” she says.

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Joy’s style staples include white sneakers and her vintage Levi’s shorts. Paired with lightweight fabrics, such as cotton or linen, make for timeless and effortless looks – perfect for yellow-hued sunsets in canola fields.

While she adheres to the style mantra ‘less is more’, she knows the power of accessorising.

“I know that when I look good, I feel good,” she says.

5 minutes with Joy

In summer, my skin feels like…

Ooh! This is a tough one.. maybe honey? Glazed donut vibes. The glow is essential.

In summer, I smell like…

Sweet, spice and all things nice.

If I could drink a cocktail for my skin, it would be…

A mimosa

Shopping for clothing is...

Life. It genuinely cheers me up. I know that when I look good, I feel good.

What’s your favourite summer fashion memory?

Last summer, my boyfriend and I took a drive out to the Canola flower fields for a picnic. It was my first time being in a flower field. It was so expansive, beautiful, and romantic. I wore this cute lil’ yellow summer dress with puffy sleeves and ended up frolicking around and dancing with him in the pathways between the flowers while we watched the sunset. It was so surreal. I’d love to be able to do that again this year.

My top styling tip is...

Less is more. Unless you know your style to a tee, otherwise don’t overdo it. I used to see outfits on Pinterest and social media and try to recreate them only to feel like a clown afterward. I would try so many combos and then end up looking good in the most simple outfit. Wearing jeans and a T-shirt doesn’t make you basic if you accessorise them well.

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