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L Block

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Let’s be honest. At some point, we’ve all fallen down a Pinterest rabbit-hole trying to pinpoint exactly what our style is. From boho to glam, grunge to preppy - it can become overwhelming trying to understand all these wild and wonderful aesthetics. However, much like clothing, style is not a one-size-fits-all approach. It’s not just about the clothes you wear, but also how you approach life, your personality, your likes, and dislikes.

The best way to figure out your style is to get introspective. That’s why we’ve created this handy quiz to help you figure out your personal style - just in time for the Ultimate Checkout. In case you needed more of an incentive, how does a R1000 voucher to shop Superbalist sound?

The Ultimate Checkout, which runs from 24-26 August, brings you three days of incredible deals on the Most Searched, Most Wishlisted and Highest Rated products on Superbalist.com. Get ready for the sale by taking our style quiz and you could win one of three R1000 Superbalist vouchers to shop to your heart’s content. Simply take our quiz, screenshot your results and share it in the comments of our Facebook or Twitter post or on your Instagram story. Then tag @Superbalist and use #UltimateCheckout to be entered into the competition. That simple.
The competition runs until 23 August. One winner from Facebook, one winner from Twitter, and one winner from Instagram will be chosen at 5pm on 23 August.
Good luck!

What’s your typical morning routine?

A: Wait, it’s morning? I haven’t even slept yet. Too busy reading the news aka Instagram + Twitter.

B: Centering myself with a 15-minute yoga + breathing routine before manifesting a positively-charged day.

C: My 15-step skincare routine, of course. Next up: a collagen-protein-vegetable-all-the-goodness smoothie.

Time to get dressed! Which statement piece are you reaching for?

M Block 1

How would you describe your style?

A: Street-style edge meets athleisure without trying too hard- Kanye would be proud.

B: Bohemian and free. I love to feel comfortable while also mixing textures, patterns + colours.

C: Simple, yet sophisticated, pieces that are boardroom ready around the clock.

It’s lunchtime! What’s on the menu?

M Block 2

You’ve got an event and nothing to wear. How do you shop for your perfect fit?

A: I already know what I want. It won't take me longer than 5 minutes to get to checkout. 

B: No idea! My options are limitless and I love a good scroll.

C: Shopping my favourite brands + reading reviews. The internet wouldn’t lie to me.

We all need a little help from technology. What is an absolute essential for you?

M Block 3

Time to relax. How are you unwinding after a long day?

A: Reading a self-help book because #selfcare #bossmodeactivated #teamnosleep.

B: Whatever gets the creative juices flowing: strumming an instrument, finger painting or knitting.

C: Binging the latest TV series that is dominating pop culture while curating my massive meme account on Instagram.


M Block 4


The real-life version of ‘Booked and Busy’ you are constantly on the go searching for the next best thing. Every day you head out into the world rocking the latest sneakers, a graphic tee and athleisure-inspired accessories. And don’t forget about your trusty power bank so you never meet your biggest fear: a dead phone.

Naturally, you’re ahead of every trend because you put in the legwork. As a result, your diet consists of strong, black coffee for all those late-night scrolling sessions and easy-to-munch foods like pizza and burgers so that one hand can hold the food while the other clutches your phone or mouse. In your downtime, you still like to be active so you’re probably reading a self-help book or learning a new skill. Like we said, booked and busy.

The Wishlister M-Block


Free spirits, unite! As a Wishlister, you dream big and love trying new things. It can be a bit tough for you to make a decision, so you tend to focus on abundance over everything. This is most apparent in your fashion sense - your main rule is that there are no rules. You love mixing prints, loud colours and unique silhouettes. The same applies to your favourite foods. Mexican food is a go-to for you because of its wide variety of tastes and textures.

Because you favour freedom over anything else, no day is the same for you. You’re a jack of all trades, not tied down to a specific passion. However, you’re most happy when doing something creative or taking care of your body and mind. Think painting, listening to music or even making your own tunes.

M Block 5


Straight to the point and opinionated, you know exactly what you want and you’re not afraid to let everyone know. You’re constantly reading up on the latest trends to make sure you’re ahead of the curve. Analytical and focused, every aspect of your life has been thoughtfully planned out to a T. Your wardrobe is stocked with the most elite brands. Think Nike, MANGO + POLO. Of course, you accessorise with sky-high heels or a glamorous watch.

Your motto in life? Think function and flash. You love to invest in the latest technology like Smart Home devices to simplify your life and also show off at the same time. Whenever you pencil in some free time, you spend it watching Oscar-worthy movies + TV shows so you have something to talk about at your next dinner party. Naturally, you’ll be indulging in some sushi or rich Italian food while you do so.

Competition Ts + Cs:

Competition runs 19 - 23 August. 1 x winner on Facebook, 1 x winner on Twitter + 1 x winner on Instagram will be announced on 23 August at 5pm. Each winner will receive 1 x R1000 Superbalist voucher. Winner must complete all steps to be eligible to win. Open to SA citizens + residents. Prize not transferable or redeemable for cash. Winners only to be shared with the public with their consent.

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