Divine Mahara and LIFT Airline make history with a sky high performance

Divine Mahara L Block

Words: Kirsten Jacobs | Images: Yellow Lenz

To #upLIFTsa and provide a platform for artists, LIFT Airline decided to put on a true show to treat their passengers. Thinking outside the box, they became the first airline in South African to host a silent disco at 30 000 feet, in style.

Zimbabwe’s Got Talent 2014 winner, Divine Mahara, who now lives in South Africa, and LIFT Airline collaborated to put on a show in the clouds. This incredible singer/songwriter plans to release his debut album later this year, and what better way to introduce himself to a South African audience than with a live show?

Much like a song, the way you dress can be a reflection of how you feel inside. Happy, daring, edgy, cosy - your clothes are like lyrics draped across your body. This upcoming winter season, we’re exploring the relationship between fashion and music. Luckily, we have a real-life musician to show us how.

Divine Mahara performance M Block

Divine was fully kitted out by Superbalist. Much like his music, his styling was simple yet statement-worthy. He dressed casually, rocking a patterned knit sweater, grey sweatpants, white sneakers and his signature flat cap (and a clean, white tee). This paired-down look keeps comfort as the most important factor, and places the importance on Divine himself. His clothes, while impeccable, were simply accessories to the main attraction.

Each passenger aboard the flight was kitted out with a pair of wireless Life On Mars headphones to enjoy this memorable live acoustic performance. For an hour, we clapped, cheered and moved our bodies along to the rhythm, transported back to a simpler time where we could once again share in the beauty that is live music. There’s nothing quite like it.

Divine x Lift M Block
Divine Mahara performance x Lift M Block

What made this journey even more special is that it was the very first time Mahara had even been on a plane. To do so and keep a large crowd entertained at the same time is no small feat, but Mahara handled it in style. His music is highly personal, with songs dedicated to those closest to him like the love of his life and his father. Each song grips you as the belts out lyrics while his fingers artfully caress his guitar strings. Mahara also performed his debut single “One more night”, a mesmerising song with a melody that will keep playing in your head long after you’ve heard it.

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