Our Superbalist team member shows how she is celebrating this special day

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As the end of the blessed month of Ramadan approaches, Muslims all over the world will begin prepping their home and wardrobes for the special day of Eid. We sat down with Supebalist writer, Leila Petersen to give us further insight about this auspicious occasion and how she goes about getting herself, her home and family ready for this festive celebration.

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What is Eid?

Eid marks the end of Ramadan. A month-long period of dawn to dusk fasting and deep reflection. On this day we celebrate with good food, bring out our best attire and enjoy being in the presence of our closest family and loved ones.

When is Eid celebrated?

As the Islamic calendar is lunar, Ramadan moves 11 days earlier every year. This year the month of Ramadan commenced on the 14th April and depending on the sighting of the new moon, Eid will either be observed on the 13th or 14th of May 2021.

How do you celebrate with your family

While the men attend Eid prayers in the morning (women are allowed to go as well but I opt to stay home) we prepare the breakfast table, which we all gather around and feast on when they return from the mosque. The rest of the day is spent greeting family and friends with a special greeting of Eid Mubarak, having a big lunch and then visiting some more relatives.

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Has the pandemic affected how you celebrate Eid with your loved ones?

Last year Eid fell during the height of the lockdown and it was the first time I had experienced an Eid spent indoors. Not being able to see any family and friends was extremely sad but we tried to make the most of it by still maintaining some of the traditions, dressing up and sharing a delicious meal.

Even though we’re still in a pandemic, this year’s celebrations will resemble a more normal Eid day but with restrictions such as keeping our social distance, and wearing face masks.

Any special decor items you’re bringing out on your table for the celebrations?

While the food we prepare for Eid is given priority, the presentation is equally important.To elevate my tabletop I will be adding elegant touches such as dinnerware with unique trimmings, crystal glassware, chic table decor and stylish table linen.

What will your family be feasting on?

We kick start the celebrations with a decadent breakfast filled with fresh fruit, baked bread as well a variety of cold meats and cheese. For lunch we’ll have a selection of dishes including seafood, roast beef and vegetables. For dessert, my mom’s trifle always makes an appearance - it’s the best! My family is also very big on sweet treats so there’s always an indulgent table filled with delectable treats like chocolate covered nuts, bespoke cakes and desserts.

Let’s talk fashion, what will you and your son be wearing this Eid?

Eid is such a special occasion and I always ensure my family and I look our very best. A smart shirt or knit paired with chinos and sneakers is always a winning combo for my son, especially as we head into winter. When it comes to shopping for myself I prefer to buy key investment pieces that I'll be able to mix into my wardrobe afterwards, as opposed to wearing a fancy outfit that I would hardly wear again, which I have done in the past. I'm gravitating towards a more 70’s aesthetic this year- think high waisted trouser, printed blouse and chunky cardigan.

Which colours do you usually gravitate towards?

Each year differs and depends on which colours are trending. At the moment I'm loving all the toffee tones and earthy shades which work well when worn as a monochromatic outfit .

What accessories always make an appearance in your looks?

Accessories play such a big part when putting my Eid look together. I tend to go for simple pieces and so I rely on these extra’s to elevate my ensemble. Of course this year the most important accessory would be a matching face mask but equally key is a stylish head scarf - an important part of a muslims modest attire. Lastly to complete my look I'll add some layered gold necklaces and a pair of statement earrings.

What are you looking forward to most this year?

I’m looking forward to experiencing a (relatively) normal Eid again. Visiting close relatives and friends and of course enjoying the glorious food!

To our Muslim community, we wish you a happy Eid, may you be surrounded by all the love and family. With love, The Superbalist team!

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