The Superbalist team shows us how to get the most out of this hardworking staple

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Words: Hayden Horner | Images: Supplied

When it comes to men’s closet spaces, there is one fashion item they all have in common. It is that go-to piece that rises to any occasion and can be worn with anything. We’re talking about denim! From skinny cuts to slim-fits, tapered or spray-on and straight leg – there’s something about denim that makes it a must-have item for everyone.

But what is it about denim that has cemented its versatility and longevity over hundreds of years? Perhaps it has to do with the attention to detail and quality of workmanship put out in 1873 when tailor Jacob W. Davis and dry-goods salesman Levi Strauss patented the rivet.

What we do know, however, is that at Superbalist our buyers and textiles experts put the same passion and know-how into selecting clothing items that really work for you. That’s why we sat down with our team to find out about the latest denim trends, cuts, washes and how to pair them for maximum appeal.

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List a few ways and items that can elevate denim to semi or formal status?

There should always be a smart sneaker or hybrid sneaker/formal shoe that is paired with jeans. Semi-formal and formal is usually determined by the shoe the outfit is paired with. On top, look at textured shirts, pinstripe to be exact. Consider light colours, like blues, greens, beige etc, to draw away from the jeans, and ensure that the jeans are of a dark wash. To complete the look, a semi formal blazer or lightweight jacket just brings a semi formal outfit together.

What is the best way to buy the right fit of jeans online?

I believe that you should know what size you are when it comes to denims. However, many people find sizes differ according to brands. I would recommend buying from a brand you trust when it comes to fit. Colour/washes are trickier to decide when purchasing online, so it would be best for you to do your research across washes before going online to make a purchase.

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What denim pieces should a guy have in his closet and why?

A guy should have a sense of versatility in his wardrobe. A combination of light and dark wash jeans is important for managing different looks. He should also have denim jackets, not just the traditional trucker jackets. He should look at denim field jackets, one with elevated design features.

M Block Neil Buyer

What details prove that a denim item is well-crafted?

The two main components of good quality denim is the fabric and the fit.

Is there a specific way to care for denim?

Denim is a durable fabric by nature, so you don't need to wash your jeans after every wear (unless absolutely necessary). By wearing them a few times before washing them you are extending the life of your favourite jeans and you are also doing your bit for the environment. When you do wash them, make sure to follow the wash care instructions, they are there for a reason.

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What advice do you have for anyone when wearing denim?

Darker washes and black are always a better option if you are going for a smarter look. Choose your fit or style wisely; ensure that if you're wearing a pair of slim jeans that it works with the rest of your outfit. Move with the times, you really don't want to be the guy wearing a pair of jeans that haven't been cool for ages and probably won't be cool for a while to come.

M block Holly

What's trending in men's denim right now?

I think the trend right now in denim is keeping it clean and simple, in doing this you are creating a simple and edgy look without doing too much.

Which popular brands can be considered true essentials?

The icons will always be Levis, G-star, Diesel, SPCC with regards to the local market. These are relevant and have a strong presence in our market at this moment.

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Name a few cuts, labels and washes that will always be in vogue?

One of the best cuts of denim right now is still slim fit due to the sneaker trend still going strong. But I have seen a good mixture of two popular cuts being joined together to form a sort of super cut. For example, the slim taper or skinny taper have been coming through strong from key brands like G-star and Levis.

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