The self-taught artist on fragrances, the elusive glow + his 5 minute makeup look

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Words: Leila Petersen | Images: Jamie Rae | Makeup: Sydney Davy

Model, influencer and content creator, Matte Jacobs, is garnering success (and followers) in many spheres of his life. It seems that his boundary-breaking makeup looks is what he uses as an arsenal to redefine the beauty industry to a more inclusive and gender-neutral space.

Not one to shy away from the most creative and jaw-dropping looks, Matte demonstrates his artistry with graphic, unique eyeliner styles and saturated, popping hues. His Instagram feed also features more natural, glowing looks suggesting that gloriously, dewy skin is just as desirable. “Makeup is a form of self-expression and it’s the cherry on top when I am dressing up”, says the content creator.

And while we can't wait for Matte to post his next head-turning look or TikTok transformation, we did get a chance to chat to the busy content creator about how achieves those on-point arches, what we’ll find in his cosmetic bag and how he's planning on refreshing his makeup look this year.

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I love drawing makeup inspiration from various decades. The 60’s mod era ,which was defined by loads of lashes, and the 80’s disco era, which was ruled by highly-pigmented vibrant eyeshadow, glitter and big hair, are currently influencing my makeup looks.

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Everyone should invest in a cream or liquid blusher. The Too Cool For School Check Jelly Blusher #4 has been a game changer for me and really perks up my complexion instantly.

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You can't go wrong with Benefit 24-Hr Brow Setter. The custom brush features long and short bristles, the former which is able to evenly coat brow hairs from root to tip and the latter that’s able to sculpt and shape hairs into place, creating a fuller looking brow.

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A healthy skin is super important when it comes to creating a luminous complexion. Ensure you have a great skincare routine that includes a mega-hydrating moisturiser and then when it comes to makeup; opt for a lightweight foundation that sinks into your skin so that it appears as natural as your own.

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I’ll be refreshing my makeup look by simply trying new things and letting go. I will be experimenting with bolder colours, bigger graphic shapes and creating looks that are EXTRA.

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If you peeked inside my bag, you would see loads of chapstick tubes and glosses- I'm obsessed with a healthy, glossy pout! Setting powder is also a must so I can touch up and revive my makeup throughout the day.

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My go-to five minute look includes filled, brushed up brows, concealer placed under the eyes and on any blemishes and blusher – that’s it!

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Being a makeup artist has taught me that a higher price tag does not necessarily equate to a better product. Of course there are a few amazing luxury brands that have made their way into my makeup arsenal but there are some products that sometimes work much better than their luxury counterparts.

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A good setting powder is always a must! It minimises shine, sets makeup and controls excess surface oil.

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Anything from Calvin Klein cK range. I love how fresh they all are and anyone and everyone can wear their scents- they are not gender specific

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I am drawn to fresh and fruity fragrances as they are not too overpowering but still leave a refreshing trail wherever you go.

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To be honest now that I've found my cK scent, I will be wearing it for many years to come. And because the scent is just so neutral and fresh it suits all season's and I won't have to change it up.

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