Bedroom basics

The dos, must-haves + common mistakes


Words + styling: Sanri Pienaar | Images: Inge Prins

Find yourself wondering what it takes to create a well-functioning bedroom that still feels luxurious – now, more so than ever? Us too. We chat to industry expert Chevaune Morrison, Superbalist’s Home + Living Buying Manager, to share some insider knowledge. Using her insights as a guide, your bedroom is bound to turn into your favourite room at home. Here, she breaks down some bedroom basics: the dos, the must-haves and all the common mistakes we make (...that we won’t be making anymore).


The dos? “Layer your bedding to create a space that you can't wait to climb into at the end of each day. Different textures will give you a cosy, luxurious look and feel. Invest in your bedding and keep it simple. Rather use decor to bring in pops of pattern and colour. This way, you can go from one season to the next without having to replace your bedding.”

The must-haves? “A fluffy duvet inner and crisp sheets. If you get this right, it will feel like you're jumping into bed in a 5-star hotel every night.”

Commonly made mistakes? “Obsessing over thread count. High thread count doesn’t always mean high quality. You should be looking at higher quality materials instead. Linen is a very strong, luxurious material that will stand the test of time.”


The dos? “Be smart and look for those hidden storage opportunities. Stacking storage inside your wardrobe will allow you to use each shelf from top to bottom. And don't forget about the space underneath your bed. Double up with decorative storage. Create a feature with wall hooks for jackets, hats and handbags and a woven basket or decorative box is great for everyday knick-knacks.”

The must-haves? “Bedside tables with a drawer, this way you can pack away the essentials, like charging cables. Once you get into bed, you don’t want to get out, so it’s a great way to store everything you may need in arms reach, but still leave the surface of your bedside clutter free and for the pretty things only.”

Commonly made mistakes? “Don’t use the surfaces of your bedside table or dresser to store everyday items like car keys and wallets. Your bedroom is your sanctuary, so minimise clutter and only leave the things that bring you joy in sight.”


The dos? “A rug and curtains are essential to make the most intimate space in your home feel warm and inviting. Go big on texture, but play it safe when it comes to colours and prints as these are investment pieces that need to last. Have some fun with cushions and throws and, if you’re looking for bang for your buck, create a feature wall with your accent colour behind your bed.”

The must-haves? “Nothing completes a bedroom more than a great headboard. It's the perfect finishing touch. I recommend an upholstered option for an extra level of comfort and, with a good book, there is no reason to ever leave.”

Commonly made mistakes? “Forgetting about the walls. It's easy to get all the basics right, but it’s the extra details that really make the difference. Enjoying a piece of art opposite your bed is a great way to start each day.”


The dos? “Layer your lighting. You want the best of both worlds in your bedroom. Soft, ambient lighting will create a calm environment, but you also want the option of areas with brighter, more focused lighting where relevant.”

The must-haves? “Bedside lighting in the form of a table lamp or hanging pendant. If you want to keep your sidetable clutter-free, pendants are a great option. Bedside lighting is an affordable and effective way to create a soft mood for when you start to wind down and get ready for bed.

Commonly made mistakes? “Too much lighting. Take the size of your space into account and layer your lighting in areas of the room that make sense.”

And for that extra personal touch? “Just like your wardrobe, your bedroom should change seasonally, too. This way, you can be sure that no matter the season, you will always feel comfortable in your happy place. In the summer months, keep the colours fresh and your bedding cotton and crisp. Bring the outdoors in with some greenery. As winter rolls in, change your throw pillows to more jewel tones, layer on those chunky knit throws and replace your greenery with a spicy scented candle.”

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