Her 10 items on high rotation this season


Words: Kholeka Kumalo | Images: Gina Jeanz

There isn’t much the fashion lovers among us wouldn’t turn down for the indulgent layering opportunities that winter brings. Showcase your style in one single item for who? And for what? It’s the season when more is very legitimately more. We’ve turned to the enviably stylish music producer, model, DJ and basically all-round creative Gina Mwoombola, aka Gina Jeanz, to share the top 10 items in her winter wardrobe. “I’m a get-up-and-go girl, so the less fuss, the better,” she says. But being based in Cape Town means carefully considering every weather variation that could play out over 12 hours, minus, perhaps, the heavy snowfall of The Wall – but with all of the wind and rain. For Gina, it’s all about quality over quantity, versatility and a solid sense of classic-meets-edgy style. Keep scrolling to see which pieces are on high rotation for her this season.

M-Block 1

“A high-neck dress is perfect for winter, styled with a leather jacket or coat. It’s great for formal events without compromising style.”

“Winter scarves don’t have to be boring. They’re essential, especially with the kind of windy weather we have in Cape Town. Cover all your bases and keep your neck warm.”

M-Block 2

“Polo necks have been around for years and with good reason – they elevate any winter look. I’ve always loved the kind of sleek finish they have when paired with pants or a skirt. On days that are not too cold, you can easily rock it without a jacket or coat.”

“Ankle boots are great for days when you want to switch it up and add some extra sass to your outfit. I love a heeled ankle boot to wear occasionally when I’m feeling myself.”

M-Block 3

“I believe it’s important to have a balance between a sleek, classy and edgy look. I’d wear a long-length coat to my meetings, for sure.”

“My legs are long, so sometimes my jeans don’t make it all the way down to my ankles. To avoid frozen ankles, I always have a pair of knee-highs to keep the chill at bay. Also, they just look amazing with a good pair of jeans.”

M-Block 4

“With Cape Town’s unpredictable weather and wet winter, I dare not leave anywhere without a raincoat for extra protection. Keep it in the car in case you're caught in the rain without your umbrella.”

“When you want to swap out a heel boot and keep it casual, I love high-top sneakers. I love these for days where I have to run errands and need to be on the go but also keep my ankles warm.

M-Block 5

“Winter puffers just seem like they will protect you from all the elements for casual looks on days when the weather is unforgiving or weekend adventure getaways.” Their perfect for weekend adventure getaways and casual looks on days where the weather can be unforgiving.”

“Statement coats can tie a simple outfit together effortlessly. I love being able to stay warm and look stylish, so I make sure to have winter items that are a little edgy.”

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