Superbalist Loves: Clinique Moisture Surge™ Hydrator

The iconic power moisturiser that you deserve, reviewed

Words: Kelly Fung | Photography: Supplied

What separates the good beauty products from the exceptional? What propels a product to cult status? For the beauty team here at Superbalist, that level of honour is awarded to product that obsessively delivers on promises, surpasses expectations on efficacy and, despite the constant influx of the new, keeps beauty lovers coming back for more.

Clinique Moisture Surge™ 72-Hour Auto-Replenishing Hydrator is one of those iconic products that I recall purchasing at a beauty counter years ago, during those good ol’ days of the luxury department store. A fast snap back to present day: Clinique’s iconic product returns, but the new version promises almost twice the amount of hydration. Not usually one for gel-based moisturisers (many don’t give my dry skin the moisture kick they promise to), I stand by this claim. Hear me out...

There is nothing simple about my skin. On the spectrum of dry to super-oily, mine is both. It’s greasy when dehydrated, but dull and dry when it wants to be. It’s also sensitive and reactive and has not moved past the zit stage supposedly reserved for primetime youth. I’ve reintroduced my skin to the improved version of Moisture Surge and it’s happy — bouncy and light reflecting, even. When I get home from work, it’s as fresh as it was when it first melted into my morning skin.

Non-acnegenic and free of fragrance and oil, Moisture Surge’s gel-like consistency comes as a pleasant surprise, especially if you have the kind of skin that craves mattifying foundations and constant powdering. Just because you have excess sebum, it doesn't mean you’re getting adequate hydration. And for those with persistently parched skin, the richest cream may not always solve the problem, as you will need something that doesn’t only provide instant relief by sitting on top of your skin.

So how does this product turbo-charge your skin to ultimate health? It’s all in the ingredients and clever technology. The activated aloe water and caffeine work together to get your skin’s natural rehydrating processes working hard. Then, of course, there is hyaluronic acid (that miracle worker), which helps to plump the skin with moisture. My skin has been undeniably dewier, thanks to a network of humectants and polymers that lock in moisture and reduce water loss. And how can a gel-cream claim to keep your skin moisturised for three whole days? I was sceptical, too. As it turns out, it’s thanks to Auto-Replenishment Technology — a fancy way to describe helping the skin create its own internal water source, ie, it can continuously rehydrate itself. This delivers an instant boost to your skin, which works even after washing your face. Smart, right?

If you’ve been a Moisture Surge fan all along, this may be something new to combat your skin woes. This multitasker is at the top of our list for its airy, cooling yet protecting formula that’s breathable on your skin and never sticky. And did we mention that it hydrates for 72 hours?

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