Shop Apartment like a fashion girl

There's a whole lot to love in Apartment – here's how to approach it from a fashion angle

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"I use my oven for storage," said a Season 3 Carrie Bradshaw back in June 2000. Ten years later she admitted to cheating on fashion with furniture. It's a pretty accurate representation of the hot-and-cold relationship fashion girls have with their interiors. Of course an aesthetic home is necessary, but when it comes to the distribution of funds, turning down that dress or those heels is tough.

For those fashion girls eager for an introduction to that tab three to the right of the one you normally click on, let us tell you that there's a whole lot to love in Apartment. Here's how to approach it from a fashion angle.

shop apartment like a fashion girl

Showing off and packing up

Everybody knows that a fashion girl loves a rail and has loads of baggage. A stylish rail that lives outside the confines of a closet is the perfect way to plan outfits for events or trips: @fashionbreed's Aqeelah Harron has said as much, and a scroll through her insta feed is proof. It's also a great way to incorporate your most beautiful pieces (what are shoes and dresses if not sculptures?!) into your living space when you're not wearing them. When the time comes to temporarily relocate, best believe your luggage should be a reflection of your style. A marble suitcase with matching (they must match) tog bag will do, as will a gold option complete with a USB connection.

What's a basket?

It takes a fashion girl to look at a basket probably intended for laundry and think: beach bag! This reporter has tried the basket-as-bag hack to great success. Trend-wise, amidst the current basket obsession, it's very timely. Take it to the beach, pool party, or even for a picnic. And to address the issue of bags without handles: those are tucked under your arm for a look that's super runway.

Extra support

For the girl who knows that when it comes to accessories too much is never enough, there's always room for another trinket tray. That said, there's only so much space for so many trinket trays, so this is where it's time to get creative by looking at Apartment through fashion girl lenses. Desk organizers convert drawers in your closet or desk into easy-to-navigate jewellery storage. The Yamazaki web cable box is a great way to store away belts but still be able to see swatches of what's in the box. Depending on where you hang the Umbra pendant scarf hanger, it could also work for sunnies and earrings with hooks. The possibilities are endless.

Picture this

What's a fashion girl's home without some great fashion images? The only thing that's more exciting than the frame itself is deciding what goes inside. Maybe it's your most-liked #OOTD pic from the gram. Maybe it's your favourite VOGUE image of all time. There's no need to commit to just one image – rotating the visuals in your frame is underrated, and no one understands the need for change more than a dedicated follower of fashion.

Out from under the rug

Fashion girls need to thrive, yes, but a Carrie Bradshaw who uses her oven for sweater storage and (presumably) spends the money she saved up for a coffee table on Manolos is not a well-rounded style being. Every fashion girl needs to cheat with furniture from time to time. She just needs to be eased into it, and carpets are a great place to start. The selection process is similar to that of dress shopping: colour, pattern, dimensions, and texture are key considerations. Anyone who enjoys dressing themselves should find dressing something as simple as their floor a total breeze. This should be a relatively simple and enjoyable exercise that broadens horizons and deepens your personal style vocabulary.

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