We Tried 10 go-to poses of Supermodels and Insta-huns

... so that you can slay on the gram this summer

By Shannon Correia

We live in a society that values social media clout (read Danielle Bowler's essay on the problematic nature of attaching value to the numbers on our social pages), and with so many people staring and scrolling screens it's getting harder to stand out. Some of those killing it online and dominating social engagement are supermodels and Insta-huns, most of whom rely on tried-and-tested poses to secure their double-taps and flame emoji comments. 

And so narrowing down the list to 10 go-to poses, I challenged myself to try them out, shared the pitfalls and scored each of them so that you may curate a stronger feed this summer. 

The Sel-Go Selfie

The Sel-Go Selfie

Best for: Channelling the Queen of Instagram, Selena Gomez, who has shared several memorable selfies in natural makeup while basking in the embrace of the sun.

Caption: sun emoji.

Pitfalls: I'm not usually one to post close-up selfie's like this because I'm never happy with how they turn out (there's nowhere to hide), but this post may have changed that.

Engagement: Just made it past the 100 mark.

The Bathroom Mirror Selfie

The Bathroom Mirror Selfie

Best for: What is it about the bathroom mirror selfie? Well, some say it's the lighting but I find it's capturing how you look before stepping back out into the world, where documenting that look is the ultimate confidence booster. 

Location: Lanzerac Spa and Wellness Centre.

Pitfalls: Make sure that there are no toilets lurking in the background.

Engagement: While this didn't break any records when it came to likes, it did rake in a few comments.

The Floor Selfie

The Floor Selfie

Best for: There are so many variations of this one, just look at Ariana Grande's feed to discover more, and whether you're squatting or sitting down like me and hugging your knee, the point is to show how low you can go. 

Top tip: Inject some personality into it, like I did with a caption commenting on my work-from-home look and dirty sneakers. 

Pitfalls: It's important to look like you're on the floor for a reason. I don't know if I got it quite right, but will keep trying. 

Engagement: Bottom of the bunch.

Walking on a Mission

Walking on a Mission

Best for: This is all about you strutting your stuff and capturing a moment. 

Top tip: This pose is less about how you look and more about inviting your followers to follow you on a journey, so choose your backdrop wisely and think about the scene you're capturing. 

Pitfalls: Unlike the other poses listed here, not only do you need to find somewhere pretty special, you must also enlist someone to snap the pic for you. 

Engagement: A commenter called this shot "stunning" and the likes were pretty good, too. A win. 

The Angle Photo

The Angle Photo

Best for: These are so much more interesting to look at, where a low angle will make you look taller than you are, and elevate a plain-Jane pose to new heights.

Pitfalls: Well, you'll need to find yourself a pedestal and get on it. And again, find yourself a photographer. 

Engagement: One of the top scorers!

The Victoria Beckham

The Victoria Beckham

Best for: Changing your life? This look set me on my path in fashion, after reading about it in That Extra Half an Inch by VB. 

How to: Put your weight on your back leg, with the other leg in front and then lean back. For Beckham, the pose is a consistently flattering one, and for me it's powerful.

Pitfalls: This striking pose is by no means natural, so practice the exaggerated stance first before posting it. 

Engagement: This a go-to for a reason and the likes were plentiful.

The Kaia Gerber

The Kaia Gerber Pose

Best for: Bringing sexy back. Kaia Gerber, the newbie It sensation, shares her seemingly soft and sincere self on her feed with poses like this over-the-shoulder look. While it doesn't require much to perfect this one, the results are always good.

Style with: Strappy high heels.

Pitfalls: Mastering the sexy-meets-cute-and-playful without trying too hard can be tricky. So just have fun with it.

Engagement: Another top scorer in likes and commentary.

The Man Spread

The Man Spread

Best for: Looking as if you don't have a care in the world. Just sit back with your legs spread, as modelled by many men throughout history. 

Style with: This fit is baggy and unisex with a contrasting ultra-feminine top.

Pitfalls: Getting the spread ratio correct takes time.

Engagement: I was called a Ukranian ballet protegè, so that's a win.

The Pool Pose

The Pool Pose

Best for: With December fast approaching, you need to have this look on lock. There are so many sub-poses to play with here, leaving you with no option but to post multiple shots featuring all of the variations. 

Celeb inspo: Go scroll through some of Bella Hadid's posts, who has made a mint from mastering the poolside look.

Pitfalls: You need to look like you're actually on vacation and loving it. This is not a case of simply finding a pool and getting the shot. You need to channel yourself living the holiday. 

Engagement: Best yet! Likes, comments and fire emojis galore.

The Bambi 

The Bambi Kneel

Best for: Being bold. The innocently named Bambi requires one to perch on the knees, hands on slightly splayed thighs and back straight. 

Pitfalls: Sitting thighs over calves can cause cramp. Best to warm up with a few on the floor poses then.

Engagement: With high risk, comes high reward. Another top scorer.

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