The best storage solutions for hiding in plain sight

A place for everything and everything in its place

Spring cleaning doesn't mean having to throw out all of your stuff (unless it's an exercise in self care and an excuse to build the capsule wardrobe of your dreams). Nor do you need a walk-in-closet (although this sneakerhead's epic sneaker room would be nice). If there's one thing that the small home movement has shown us it's how the tiniest spaces can house the necessities, provided there's smart storage.

The best storage solutions for hiding it in plain sight

We  love walking into someone's home and being able to learn something about them from what they've chosen to put on display. However, unlike the famous coffee creamer advert from the 80s: it is inside and not on top, which makes this shelf so special. Slide it open to reveal a secret draw where you may keep whatever it is you'd rather guests not see. 

The best storage solutions for hiding it in plain sight

Try as we might to keep our living rooms looking as presentable as possible, because it's our most commonly used space eventually everything ends up there. Shoes in the lounge no more! Otherwise the dual purpose nature of this ottoman allows you to put your feet up after a long day and the padded lid makes for a comfortable seat.

Then this coffee table is the perfect solution for TV remotes, charger cables, snacks and that guilty pleasure paperback you'd rather not have on display. The top opens up to reveal a cavity able to store plenty, and when paired with the ottoman you've got yourself a lounge full of smart storage solutions so that your favourite room always looks like a show room.

The best storage solutions for hiding it in plain sight

If you have decided on decluttering, don't let the state of your dressing table deter you from starting. The first step to clutter-free living is getting everything out of sight, and a great place to start is by putting all of your jewellery in one place. This striking accessory tray will start you on your path to becoming the organisational queen you are!

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