Superbalist staff love this decor trend

Adding colour to your home is more than simply painting the walls, let our apartment experts show you how

Words: Nabeel Allie | Illustrations: Keshia Chapman

With adults inspired by teens and teens inspired by the eras they never got to experience firsthand, Youth Tonic is the resulting fashion trend that takes the brighter, more daring elements from the past and blends them together to create the future.

The same eclectic rebellion and strong sense of individualism has now infiltrated the home, with colours and patterns creating a throwback feel that marries retro styles and futurism. Not surprising that some of the biggest advocates of the trend are our own Superbalist staff. Let industry experts Charl Edwards (Superbalist Apartment Editor), Chevaune Allers (Superbalist Senior Homeware Buyer) and Anja Joubert (Superbalist Trend Director) show you how you can easily apply the trend to your home without making huge changes to what you already have. 


apartment experts show you how

"The key here is to play with colour and pattern. Be bold and expressive with your choice of furniture and accessories. And don't take yourself too seriously. Balance punchy colour pops in scatter cushions and other smaller pieces with grid-patterned product, like lighting, side-tables, prints and crockery,” Charl Edwards, Superbalist Apartment Editor. 

An expressive home, as an extension of you, requires you to abandon the norms and mix primary colours with pastels. Offset a bright coloured feature wall with our selection of retro-futuristic furniture and lighting. Decor accessories like vases and scatter cushions play an important role in livening up your table or living room area.


apartment experts show you how

"In an attempt to escape the chaos from the outside world, we feel the need to bring a playfulness into our homes. Youth Tonic inspires us to express our individuality in fun and refreshing ways. To get the look, keep shapes round and plump. These small, but bold updates will bring new life to your space," Chevaune Allers, Superbalist Senior Homeware Buyer. 

Play with proportion by mixing large and small items together for contrast. As for shapes, go for straight lines clashing with curves and round edges, whether it be lamps, tables, or accessories. This will deliver an organic feeling that plays well with the retro-futurism you’ll create inside your home.


apartment experts show you how

“A move towards a more youthful mindset and active lifestyle is being embraced, opposing the potentially restrictive nature of an ‘act your age’ mentality. A fun and light approach into ‘cool’ colours as well as a playfulness into design is a clear manifestation of this attitude shift,” Anja Joubert, Superbalist Trend Director. 

With youth as a state of mind, a high-low mix of product is an expressive way to exhibit your youthfulness and throwback to a more carefree time. Versatile furniture will help you show off your vibrance. Don’t be afraid to employ an element of naïveté when decorating – with regards to placement and product – and keep in mind that organic, abstract or unusual shapes are a must. 

Stepping out of the norm and celebrating youthful exuberance is the name of the game. Remember, this is your home that you’re uplifting and reinvigorating and breathing retro-futuristic life into, so abandon rules and make your own.

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