Diesel is Showing its Flaws

Nobody's perfect, and Diesel would like to keep it that way

With a brand message that's all about celebrating flaws instead of hiding them, the follow up to Diesel's "Go With The Flaw" campaign – featuring unibrows, braces and lazy eyes – is another disruption of beauty standards. It works perfectly with Diesel's 2018 Spring Summer Collection, which is all about clash, contrast and grungy 90s style and some of the trends we're seeing outside of the brand's offering. (Ugly sneakers, anyone?)

"Keep the World Flawed" further pushes the Diesel manifesto, and to the tune of Small Faces' 'What's A Matter, baby?' the ad opens on a man with elephantine ears, who gets surgery to pin them back. After falling in love at a laundromat there's a pregnancy and then progeny, at which point we discover the woman's had rhinoplasty. The spot ends with the happy family walking off into the sunset, their son's little face made up of dad's original ears and mom's schnoz. 

We spoke to the male lead, Ice Models' Stefan PIeters, about nabbing the international campaign and his tips for successful living. 

diesel go with the flaw

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The fashion in the campaign pushes grungy 90s style. What are your style tips for getting the look?

Well, being a 90s baby I suppose you'd have to look back on that era in time for ideas. I guess a lot of that style comes through inspiration from the music and people dressed according to how they felt. A feeling of no f**ks given. Sort of a "get up and get out" kind of attitude. If I had any advice to give I'd say, depending on the climate, different shades of denims and simple graphic T's coupled with jackets or jerseys, and some cool kicks. Top it off with your favourite accessories and you'll be set.

The campaign comments on the diversification in fashion and changing beauty standards. What are some of the changes you're seeing in the fashion industry?

I have noticed with many new and older designers and companies, they tend to want to stray from the norm. Giving people a sense of comfort and freedom of expression. It seems to be a combination of old meets modern. There's something timeless about it all.

The ad is pretty ambiguous, on one hand it can be seen to be celebrating plastic surgery as a means to happiness, on the other it states that we can't go against nature. What's your interpretation?

I think it could mean that people who choose plastic surgery solely for the purpose of enhancing their looks, do so because they are not happy with that aspect of themselves. It's all dependant on how that person feels, and if they want to do it and they have the means then they may do so. At the end of the day we'd all just like to be accepted for who we are. Regardless of whether we have flaws or not.

Still, Diesel cast beautiful people and then used prosthetics to make them flawed, is this fair when there are already people out there with big ears and noses?

You know, there are some people who would think that it is wrong or unfair. And then there are some who might not see it that way. They're trying to express a view point through their message in this campaign. Which is to be accepting of one's flaws. Everyone has them. We do this to portray their message. We're not all perfect and we can't always appease those who demand and criticize. The biggest part of life is learning to love yourself for who you are. And once we have achieved that, then we can accept each other without all the prejudices.

Diesel go with the flaw

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Like the scene at the end of the ad, do you think Kylie Jenner's baby will similarly give away her plastic surgery history?

I don't follow on that topic at all. We'll have to see as time progresses. The child may have other interests in life and choose to not go down that path. Who knows?

What do you consider your biggest flaw?

I don't know. I am pretty content with my body. I am grateful for what I have and I couldn't possibly ask for anything else.

What's your favourite flaw in others?

People are unique. I can't say that I favour just one thing. When you notice it, whatever it may be, you learn to accept it and appreciate that person for who they are.

Being featured in this ad puts you on a global stage. What's come from your being featured here?

Yes, I have had a lot of recognition from this campaign. I guess my face is out there now. It's an honour to have this and I have received great and kind-hearted feedback from it. I have been keeping busy with all the modelling and my part-time work as I always have. Perhaps there's more to come? There are always new doors opening and new possibilities, and I'll take them on. I love my job.

Diesel has always been great at stimulating conversation. What's some of the feedback you've received since the ad flighted?

Numerous people have congratulated me on the outcome of it. They seem to think that I did a good job. Some asked me to marry them. Jokingly I hope, I didn't know how to respond to those? But all-round positive feedback.

What are your tips for successful living?

Work hard with everything you do. Laugh a lot and enjoy your life. Always be grateful for what you have because there's always someone who's got it worse off than you.

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