The Mixtape Vol. 162

Dean Roberts aka Sircula hosts The Dankish show and made us a mix consisting of strictly South African music

After being introduced to "bass music" during his college years, Dean Roberts took a keen interest in the lower end of the frequency spectrum and after graduating as a Sound Engineer in 2010, began his journey with electronic music running a Cape Town focused bass blog and indulging in some serious raving. He was then recruited on Bush Radio's The Dankish as their resident DJ and landed his first gig in 2012 at Cold Turkey Amadoda's. With festivals Rezonance NYE 2013/14, Groovy Troopers Mandala Project 2014 and SEARCH 2016/17 under his belt, Sircula is no stranger to dance floors, having played at events such as Leggo, Don't Mind the Bass, Uppercut and throwing his own club night 'Bass Education'. Between playing strictly African produced music on The Dankish and occupying spaces with his latest residency as a key member of the 021LIT collective, Sircula's sound has been fine tuned to a blend of house, techno, hip hop and bass lead music, with nuances of psychedelic, experimental and alternative undertones. Get to know the DJ a bit better after the jump.

Who are you and what's your sound story?

My name's Dean Roberts, I'm a DJ/Radio Presenter/Audio Engineer/Promoter with a passion for African produced alternative music specialising in psychedelic and experimental low frequency sounds.

What was the first album you bought and how has your music taste changed over the years?

I bought my first album in the mid 90s, it was a various artists pop/dance compilation called Monster Hits Vol2. I wouldn't say that my taste in music has changed too much, I mean, I still listen to the same ish that I've been listening to since the 90s.

You DJ as Sircula, what's that mean and what else have you gone by over the years?

I started DJing using the alias Aftalife with the idea of perusing futuristic sounds, sounds too future for life today. However, it clashed with another Cape Town DJ who had been in the game for a while and I needed to rebrand. I've always took an interest in geometry, shapes and life as an idea of a cycle. Using that, with a DJ technique I developed where I would go through multiple genres starting off at a certain BPM and cycling through as many as I can until I would reach the BPM where I started, I chose a new alias, Sircula.

You're part of the Bush Radio team, tell us about your show.

I produce and co-host a Saturday evening show which runs from 6-9pm called The Dankish. We invite up and coming as well as distinguished artists/brands/events to join us on air for live mixes, informative talks etc. with an aim to inspire and uplift the very talented youth of South Africa.

What's on the mix you made for The Way of Us?

This mix will be my 4th mix in a series consisting of strictly South African music. It features Okayshades, TerraSoul, Maramza, Escapism Refuge, Davve Beats, Omar Morto and more.

Where should we listen to it and why?

I would suggest listening to the mix while in transit. Most of the tracks selected are not dance floor bangers but more for stimulation of the mind.

Anything to add, please do so here...

The Dankish is always open for music submissions so if anyone wants some radio airplay don't hesitate to get in contact with us. Thanks Superbalist for the platform!


Escapism Refuge - 'Sugar'

Fosta - 'Where Have You Been' ft Fancy Galada (Omar Morto Remix) [Kwaai-Fi Singles]

Twice The - 'Woah'

Boskasie - 'Follow Your Light'

Maramza - 'Drama' [Slow Key EP]

K.O. ft Kid X - 'Caracara' (Davve BeatsRemix) [Palm Trees]

Riky Rick ft Okmalumkoolkat - 'Amantombazane' (Davve Beats Remix) [Palm Trees]


Okayshades - 'Documentary' ft Pasta [Documentary]

Okayshades - 'Oxygen' ft Blaqkongo [Documentary]

Gina Jeanz - 'Stellar Wave' (TerraSoul Remix) [Kwaai-Fi Vol2]

Maramza - 'Slow Key' [Slow Key EP]

X14 - 'Zero Eleven City' (Rose Bonica Remix) [TWENTYFIFTEEN]

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