Two Winter Jackets Every Man Needs

The bomber and trucker are winter hero pieces that you'll keep wearing for years

Words: Buntu Ngcuka | Photography: Tarryn Hatchett | Styling: Akim Jardine

It’s time to start prepping your winter wardrobe. Consider these two timeless styles for your outerwear selection: ideal for all year round, the bomber and trucker jacket pack the kind of versatility most of your casual favourites can only dream of. Which one will be your winter hero piece? Here’s a breakdown of each style’s standout features. (You might even be tempted to pick up both.)

The trucker jacket

The trucker jacket

Just like good wine, Living Single and leather wallets, trucker jackets get better with age. Like jeans, they mould to your body, get an increasingly worn-in look the more you wear them and, sometimes, keep the stench of memorable nights out longer than they should. The structure is simple and classic, so it doesn’t require much amped-up styling — you can literally throw it over anything and your look will be complete.

This season sees the return of the sherpa-lining in a big way. The woolly interior makes layering easy, plus it has a timeless look reminiscent of your favourite old-school movie stars. Make a safe choice and go with denim, or if you’re looking for a really retro look, go for a corduroy option. Team your trucker with a hoodie, jeans and utility boots, or channel Justin Timberlake’s current aesthetic with a check shirt, slim-fit chinos and Chelsea boots.

The bomber jacket

The bomber jacket

Originally made for military pilots, the bomber trickled down into mainstream fashion and cemented itself as a cold-season staple. You can never go wrong with an oversized silhouette in olive green or navy, especially if your aesthetic is more on the casual side, but one with a perfect fit looks equally as good in with formal wear.

When it comes to styling, the bomber is a minimalist’s dream. It fares well as part of a head-to-toe monochrome look: pair it with matching chinos, a polo neck and white sneakers for a sleek look that can take you from work to post-work drinks or the theatre. If you’re more for standing out, invest in this season’s retro-inspired styles and experiment with dusty pastels, bold electric colours, quilted exteriors and puffer-inspired constructions.

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