10 Polo Looks That Caught Our Attention

All of the luxury and show-stopping style seen at Val De Vie Estate

By Jabulile Dlamini-Qwesha | Photographs: Half and Halve 

This past Saturday, South African socialites gathered at Val de Vie Estate in the name of lavish looks and superb style. Hosted by Nomzamo Mbatha, the Veuve Clicquot Masters Polo had local stylistas interpreting the theme of a ‘Cape Town Summer’.

Billed as the crème de la crème of the season’s social events, the polo generally attracts a preppy-inspired, well-dressed crowd. So, this is not the time for going overboard with accessories and embellishments or overexposed skin; think subtle elegance – even with the beauty look. It’s been said that “if you’d see it at the club, don’t wear it to the polo” and while inventiveness can be overlooked when the look really works, it’s good to play by the rules as much you can in this instance.

The Way of Us put together a style panel to rate the looks that were worth a double take. As always, you're welcome to join the conversation online or in the comments. 

style panel

Nomzamo Mbatha

Nomzamo Mbatha Vueve Clicqot Masters Polo

Jason: I love an optical print. And this lime green is so refreshing.

Fadwah: Green - the colour of the season, not for everyone, but she pulls it off perfectly.

Jabulile: I LOVE these shoes, Nomzamo can do no wrong in my eyes whenever she has these on. This look is great, I would have just had all of the afro in an updo.

Tumi Voster

Tumi Voster Vueve Clicqot Masters Polo

Jason: Yes, the lacy peek-a-boo power suit! Bold and confident. Such a beautiful marriage of masculine and feminine detailing.

Fadwah: One word: Perfection.

Jabulile: This look was nearly a complete winner, but I don't like the bare chest for the polo. She would have knocked it out of the park if she had worn a lace camisole underneath. I also suspect that I just dislike the shoes...I feel like the suit is begging for a nude or cream *grimacing emoji*.

Thuli Mola

Thuli Mola Vueve Clicqot Masters Polo

Jason: At first I wasn't sure, but the more I look at this the more I like it. It's quite conceptual, really. A bit of a nautical vibe on top with full deep sea fantasy at the bottom. A mermaid kween!

Fadwah: More is More! Mixing stripes, textures and metallics! Polo meets Fashion!

Jabulile: A quintessential polo look, and then some. The striped shirt and hat keeps it preppy while the skirt and shoes elevate it to the next level. Beautiful.

Nonku Mkhungo

Nonku Mkhungo Vueve Clicqot Masters Polo

Jason: This is how you dress sensibly for the heat and still look like you stepped out of the glossy pages of a fashion mag. The intricately placed bobbles on the mesh top give this a bit of a couture look and feel. However, the first rule of hangover sunglasses: wear them straight.

Fadwah: Love the sheer and pearls! It's not your typical polo look, but it's a new dawn.

Jabulile: I mean, listen... she's extra AF and she is not here to compromise. I can appreciate the confidence, but this simply doesn't work for the polo, at all.

Sergio Ines

Sergio Ines Vueve Clicqot Masters Polo

Jason: This is Sergio Innes doing what Sergio does best – tailored goodness. The rounded contrast collar and stripe motif on the shirt are particularly nice details. Has a bit of a classic Italian sensibility that goes a bit dandy without being too over-the-top.

Fadwah: Italian styling and retro sunglasses, just impeccable.

Jabulile: I love this suit, the fit is great and so is the colour, but he feels a little overdressed. He should have left the waistcoat at home and opted for a linen shirt and left the two top buttons undone.

Menzi Mcunu

Menzi Mcunu Vueve Clicqot Masters Polo

Jason: Menzi is a dapper guy. I love the drama on top. Not sure he committed enough to the bottom half of his look, but it's a well balanced outfit with real personality.

Fadwah: Coolness from top to toes.

Jabulile: It's all about that umbrella. I'm hoping it's one of the Alexander McQueen editions. The handle is exquisite.

Nontando Mposo

Nontando Mposo Vueve Clicqot Masters Polo

Jason: Stunning! And I'm not just saying this because she's wearing a Superbalist dress we shot her in for this feature on how to appear in print.

Fadwah: Seen first at Superbalist, seen best on Nontando. Love!

Jabulile: I like this, the ratio of skin on display is well balanced and the basket bag pulls all the different prints together well.

Omuhle Gela

Omuhle Gela Vueve Clicqot Masters Polo

Jason: The colours are beautiful and the drapery is exquisite, but the appliqué really elevates the look and takes the cake!

Fadwah: Top class glamour: she looks ethereal.

Jabulile: The good sis is cute, but it looks like she stopped by on the way to the Crown Gospel Awards. 

Linda Mtoba

Linda Mtoba Vueve Clicqot Masters Polo

Jason: Yellow is not the easiest colour to wear, but she nailed it. I love how clean and bold the lines are on this design. Elegance the house down.

Fadwah: Clean, classy and sophisticated. Perfectly illustrates that you don't have to try so hard to look chic. And that colour is gorgeous on her.

Jabulile: I like the hat and the bag... I also want to like this yellow dress, but it just feels too simple.

Aisha Baker

Aisha Baker Vueve Clicqot Masters Polo

Jason: We love a look that celebrates rather than hides your baby bump. Perfection.

Fadwah: Understated ease; the accessories here are making all the difference!

Jabulile: If this doesn't show you that a simple black jumpsuit is the real closet MVP, nothing will. This look is effortless, elegant and très chic.

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