New year, new lewks!

fashion resolutions 2018

By Heather Clancy 

For every trash outfit that you survived. For every trend that you wholeheartedly embraced against your better judgement. For every sartorial splurge that you risked it all for only to be left broke and sad two days after payday. There’s a VSCO-worthy silver lining and it’s called 2018. For even the most cynical would admit, there’s nothing quite like the just-showered freshness of 1 January. For fashion-loving folk, a new year presents a new opportunity to serve new lewks, abandon the chaos of a mismatched wardrobe and basically become the fashion influencer you were always meant to be.

Like Pocahontas consulting Grandmother Willow, we consulted the O.G. know-it-all, the Internet and collated the freshest trends and sharpest advice to guarantee that your 2018 wardrobe is as cool as you pretend to be on Instagram.


When in doubt, consider the Care Bears your colour (and life) inspiration. Whether you play it matchy-matchy and pile on the Pantone or use gelato shades to accent your look, embrace sherbet-coloured optimism and break-up with your black and white monotony.

Stick to it because… Sure various shades of petrol are cool and stuff but the thing is, pastel just pops – on the ‘Gram and in your life. Unless you’re Yohji Yamamoto, there’s no reason to imprison yourself within the monochrome walls of all-black-errthang.


They’ve been there for you when you needed them the most. When you snoozed to the point of no return and needed to throw on a reliable combo. When you got a last-minute invite, and needed to impress. Your MVP outfits showed up and showed off. But lately your tried-and-tested fits are looking a bit meh and you know it’s not them, it’s you.

Give your fave pieces a fresh view and you’ll start to see them brand-new. Break ‘em outta the cupboard and move your key items to a clothes rail or shelf. Not only will you free up some space for your most neglected items in your cupboard, you’ll also imagine your displayed threads in creative ways that’ll make you feel like you can relate to Jaden on a new level.

Stick to it because… For the budget-conscious, clothes rails are kinda like art, ya dig? Plus, that tee you thought you lost at Oppi somehow surfaces when you actually make some space in that itsy-bitsy cubbyhole you call a cupboard.


Lean in, homie, lean in. Those out-there shoes you’ve been crushing on? Get ‘em. That OTT glitter number? It’s made for you. That Insta baddie bodysuit? The time is now. Life’s too short not to dress how you really want. On the real, though, we’d gamble that almost all of the people that you admire for their sartorial swag are fashion outliers and that’s what makes them so damn interesting. Case and point, Robyn Rihanna Fenty. When she’s not wearing a bubblegum princess dress, she can be found wearing an oversized shirt and little else, but no two days are the same and that’s why we’re forever obsessed with her.

Stick to it because… Fashion fun lives on the other side of uniform dressing and copy-and-paste outfits.


In the eternal words of Kendrick Lamar; ‘Loyalty, loyalty, loyalty, loyalty’ - but just not when it comes to pants. You see, you’ve been going steady with denim since day one but that doesn’t mean you can’t slide into the DMs of a pair of slacks or get to know some joggers.

Step outside your comfort zone and take a walk on the wild side where culottes are wardrobe staples and wide leg is the way to go.

Stick to it because… Suddenly all of those tops that you’re tired of wearing look brand-new when paired with something other than stock-standard denim.


When you’re the star of your own movie and others are merely playing supporting roles at best and forgettable extras at worst, it’s often not an entire head-to-toe outfit that you recall, rather it’s someone’s pristine white sneakers or their unexpected fresh fragrance. The broad strokes of other people’s outfits are lost but the details linger. Capitalize on your own cool and dive into the details with a signature scent or buoy your style with a classic pair of kicks. By investing in a new perfume or adding a new pair of kicks to your rotation, you’ll be amazed at how your old wardrobe suddenly feels like it got a reboot.

Stick to it because… There’s no faster way to feel your best. With a spritz of Tom Ford and a shiny pair of sneaker, the world is yours.

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