Gifting the ultimate cool girl

Is it even possible to shop for the girl who has it all? Yes!

cool girl gift guide

She is the ultimate Stan for Virgil Abloh, Hiroshi Fujiwara and Rei Kawakubo’s conceptual approach to creativity, and referenced KPop boy band BTS’s Kim Taehyung as her street style inspiration long before you knew they were a thing. She never actively keeps up with trends, but somehow always rocks the flyest threads before they become hot on the streets. You’ll find this decidedly anti-fashion fashionista in oversized coats, baggy black and white tees or trousers, dungarees and boiler suits on the day-to-day. Paying careful attention to detail, the red logo on her white Comme des Garçons x Converse Chucks match her socks, which match the colour of her manicure and add some brightness to her monochromatic palette. Slaying the game with her steeze that’s borrowed from the boys, she kills feminine silhouettes, when she does decide to put them on, in equal measure.

You’re likely to catch her skating between her home, favourite coffee spot and the shared office space where her design studio is based – which are all in the same inner city neighbourhood, during office hours. Don’t expect to be able to predict her whereabouts on the weekend as easily, she moves from farmer’s market brunches, one-on-one sundowners dates that took two months of clashing schedules to lock down with friends to exclusive rooftop shindigs with a mostly indie lineup.

The thing she doesn’t flaunt, but you catch glimpses of when you observe her lifestyle closely is that she’s not in the same tax bracket and certainly doesn’t shoot at the same baskets as you, but she’s low key and really great company. The other thing you don’t get regular updates on is her S.W.E.A.T Fitness membership and vegan diet (she may be a unicorn), but she’ll casually drop it, while ordering a meal at her favourite restaurant, like you’ve always known.

She’s also your best friend and would appreciate a prezzie this holiday season. So what is within your reach and worth giving to someone who really has everything she needs?

She may have all the limited edition kicks she’s ever desired, but she might appreciate dressy shoes that aren’t always at the top of her mind and come in handy in times of need.

Another thing that may not be at the top of her mind, but will have her singing your praises when she least expects it, is a beautiful pair of heels that command as much attention as her Off-White x Nike Air Prestos. Winning.

She may not like to be grouped with other fashion girls, but she’s just like every other one of them when it comes to swearing by clothing rails, as she needs as much display space as she can get for her collector’s items.

Her space is as minimal as her street style and this industrial design would fit in like it’s always been there. She also appreciates elegance, so shopping apartment is a vibe,too.

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