Sandal Season

Some ground rules

Photography: REX Features

Humid weather, high temperatures and afternoons spent near bodies of water (natural or man-made) call for less clothing, UV protection and, for the brave, sandals. But before you slip into your favourite pair, consider these questions before leaving the house with your feet exposed: are your feet moisturised? Are your toenails in need of a trim? Are your heels cracked or super dry? Do you have any corns, calluses or ingrown toenails? Are your feet summer ready?

Once those feet are polished save the flip-flops for the beach and try these more stylish options.

mens sandals

For a pool party

You can still rep your favourite sportswear brand even if you’re only wearing swimming trunks and sunglasses. Slides have become this year’s surprise comeback shoe, cementing the 90s’ return in fashion. Make your grand entrance by completing your look with a graphic T-shirt and some fresh headwear

For a wedding

To complement your lightweight suit or chinos-and-blazer combo, you’re going to need something dressy enough to look on-point for the occasion, but still relaxed because it’s summer. Make strappy leather sandals your go-to. You can never go wrong with a brown pair — think of them as your summer lace-ups or monkstraps.

mens sandals

For lunch 

Embrace the inner-city look with a pair of rolled-up chinos, regular fit tee and Birkenstocks. The minimalist look works best for a staycation when you’re done running errands and end up at a boozy lunch at your favourite rooftop bar or that always fully-booked spot with marble countertops and fresh greenery.

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