Two For One

Get yourself something on the side with Superbalist's twin gifting options

All good things come in twos: Spur’s best-selling burger deal, Wham! and the animals in biblical rescue stories. Twin gifting is certainly up there in the pantheon of great twinning combinations and with the season of giving upon us it’s the ideal time to buy for two. We know the feeling: you just bought your friend something and feel like, while you’re shopping, you might as well get something for yourself as well. Admittedly, that can be tricky. Is what you bought for yourself better than their gift? Did you waste money while buying yourself something for the sake of it? Cut all the variables and indecisiveness out with a gift that guarantees you both greatness – with a side helping of look-how-well-we-go-together sentimentality.

Power packs for women

Superbalist's twinning gifting options

Like Abbi and Ilana from Broad City; Maya, Lynn, Toni and Joan from Girlfriends; and Cher and Dionne in Clueless, a fellow woman in style only makes for better living and more flourishment – see Girls Trip. To celebrate that this season, pick up sleek two-packs from our fine summer collection. dailyfriday’s bodysuit two-pack is the ideal way for you and your bestie, partner or sister to pick up modish looks. Sleeveless turtlenecks, as well as mini skirts and pencil skirts, make for great additions to your wardrobe and will make co-ordinating for your next summer stunt that much easier.

Doubles for dudes

Superbalist's twinning gifting options

Tees and shirts are a summer staple and no rotation is complete without an adequate selection of shades and silhouettes. Ask your cousin, homie, bestie, boyfriend, bro, or actual brother what cut and colour he’s into and see if you can tempt them with a golf shirt for you to stunt in, adding a classic formal touch to a street-savvy look. Slick options by G-Star RAW and basicthread will help you get the basics right as well to pick up refined looks that will work well to base an outfit around or to take it up a notch or two with subtle touches and design differences. Best of all, we’re offering you packs that come in both the same colour as well as different colours so that you can twin or embrace your own personal styles. 

Selfless selfies

Superbalist's twinning gifting options

People who have phones with cracked screens are such maligned members of society that we’ve resorted to making memes, like: “Tag a friend with a phone that looks like this.” With Superbalist's fun and playful phone-cover sets you and your homie can safely tag each other in memes and look at cat videos unhindered by a shattered screen. Opt for jovial designs that include cat, pizza and panda prints – as well as a selfie-friendly llama – so that you can stick together in style. After all, with summer upon us you’re certain to be out and about enjoying the outdoors, and that makes a cover all the more important.

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