Wishlist Tips For Home

Use this handy tool to create a mood board and share with significant others

By now you’ve come across a carefully worded wedding registry that not so gently nudges you in the right gifting direction. Thing is, it works, and you can benefit from this concept without having to sit through a long ceremony – as well as being on the receiving end for a change. 

Working on the same concept of a gift registry, a Wishlist can be used to furnish your home at your own pace, or you can share yours with well-intentioned relatives who don’t always get it quite right. Decoupage dressing table, anyone?

Superbalst’s Wishlist function makes it possible to create the perfect spaces in your home, whether bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or beyond.

What's not to like? You can easily plot your aesthetic, everything's in one place when an Apartment offer hits, and you'll never be stuck when someone asks "So what do you want for your birthday?". 

apartment wish list winners

Use your Wishlist to store up the things you like, and then narrow it down from there before deciding on what you’ll be purchasing and checking out. As a gifting tool it’s the absolute best!

At time of writing Superbalist is experiencing ten thousand items added to a wish list every day, and using this data we can confirm that the most popular apartment categories are accessories, bedding, gifting and stationary, art, scatter cushions and throws. Brand-wise Sixth Floor is the customer favourite with the minimal printed duvet set and cushion covers coming in tops, followed by a statement circular mirror. Then our three-pack marble notebook make the perfect stocking stuffers and a whimsical print titled ‘The Ocean is Calling’ rounds off the list and is the perfect thing to keep you in the holiday mood long after you’ve returned back to work. #TakeMeBack.

All things considered, these are the perfect items to invest in your home with, and using quality neutrals throughout you’ll allow select statement pieces to really pop.

Remember that a pet does not a good gift make, but a plant is excellent, and you can find out more about the massive millennial trend in our feature Welcome To The Jungle. And then if something is out of stock and you cannot add it to your Wishlist, why not use our Waitlist? Simply click ‘add to Waitlist’ and when the product is back in supply – or released from someone else's cart – you’ll receive a notification.

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